Sometimes..wen u've been harboring ur temper or trying to keep cool wen others keep doing it over n over again.. although u remind them not to..the lid just blows matter where or was not intentional nor was it at an appropriate place..but i guess..the hurt is just too much to handle at that point off time..n soo it exploded..did i regret it?? yes bcause it was at an inappropriate time n place..but never on the many remindings do u need for it to b plucked in ur head?? i asking too much??? God made all individuals unique.. wat was programmed in ur head mite not be in mine.. RESPECT is the word..

p/s: i wont be naming names..

Google Fu

Hi dearie..dearest n fellow members of my blog readers..

It's been a while since i've updated.. even had to dust off the cobwebs here..n im sneezing trying to blow off the thick dust that has gathered...nway a quickie on whats happening in my mystical life..I've been sooooooooo bz at work..SWAMPED with THINGS TO DO n the list seems to be never ending...I sure cannot wait for this day to end...Really..really n i mean Really need to catch up on a lot of resting n ZZzZzzzzzz... much to this hecticness was caused be me, myself n i attending the interesting course i mentioned on my FB status..

GOoGle Fu!!..yup that's the name of the course...n boy was it worth it??.. every second of the two day course...i loved it!! never enjoyed a course soo much...(on a attend courses because it's compulsory!!) ..the fact that i was fidgeting to get back to the course as i had to attend a meeting in between says it all..I didn't wanna miss even one module..

Basically the course trains us to ask anything..yup ANYTHING that comes across our minds (except matters of the heart..hihih) to Google...before this i've always had a pet name for google which is Dr. google..but now im promoting it to Prof. Google... Tips n tricks were given on how to narrow down our search.. to like a few hundreds or even to 10 from millions web page retrieved once we type a keyword...n u can find like absolutely anything..yup anything n long as it's hosted... which leads us to one downside..n its creepy wen u think of it..any personal information we put in the net can be captured and hacked..although not everybody can do it..but just bare in mind..hacking n building your personal profile from the info u post on the net is not that hard... so my advise don't disclose too much information on the net..better still keep it up to a minimum..n please please think before u upload any photo's that mite haunt u back ...because even if u restrict ur profile/photo's on the fb..its still up available in the web market.... yup it can be done n it has be done..n u don't need CIA to do it...even i can!!!! given the proper training...(but rest assure..i don't have time to do so..n i respect peoples privacy)..

This course really benefits everyone actually..especially a person like me..who constantly refers to Prof Google..i soo wanted to attend this course because im sure it will be beneficial to me when i have to pursue my postgraduate studies...n i sure feel it's worth love to sign up for an advance course even as an independent participant..n even if it means i hav to dig up my own pocket money n spare a handbag of my dreams..(for a moment) hehehe

So i have to resume to my actual job..i'll leave u guys with a search engine for u test run n oso a tip i learned from the course...have fun..

1. search-cube - search for anything n see what happens..its really kewl..
2. Worrying wether ur loved ones have departed on their flight or wanting to know wether they've arrived type thier Flight no. e.g MH1 (it works with air asia too)on the goole search panel n c wat happens..