Hi peeps

hello guys..

cant write much..class in session in 10...a brief update..my course sucks like hell.. we're treated like kindergarten students...not in a sense of being told off or the sort...but in a sense of freedom..going out of the main gate at any times... except wen given permission to.. is like a huge..N I REPEAT A HUGE..sin ..its more hell than the real military training..on another note...i managed to pull thru the army module in one piece..thank god!!. a pat on th back for me..hihih...my life is only on weekends..even if its less than 36 hrs being away from boot camp..

i lost my uncle in between my hectic schedule...he died at the age of 31 goin to 32..left 2 kids behind..just to share with u guys..always prepare an umbrella for rainy days...even if it seems to shine throught the day...imagine the wife... from the husband supporting her with 5 figures salary to nil...how wud u guys cope?? my uncle was a very2 good guy..very noble..humble..responsible..all the good aspects of a wanted husband is in him ..n wen i told his wife..good men die young..the wife responded " that's y jgn jadi baik sgt...susah.."(pulak!)...hihi

leaving the sad news behind...GUYS...i really really miss hanging out...im busier than the PM nowadays...but really wanna hav a cuppa..hopefully soon....till then..bye guys..

p/d i do read ur blogs guys...but cant aford to leave a comment at the expense of my time...