Ramblings on a bored day....

The urge to blog is there..the entries r like a spreadsheet in my mind, but..im just too lazy..hahhah..with a ew more days of work to go..before the hoildays..(i feel like dancing on the strike of the word holiday!!) lots need to be done..i have to pack..have'nt even made the list of thgs to bring yet...ths year will by my raya turn..(woHoooOOoOO!!!) mom n dad being very understanding has stated that ths year we'll b in JB for the frst half of the day (which means that i can visit my inlaws oso on the first raya) They said..we'll raya in JB dulu, if not u x dpt raya umah ur inlaws or u mite have to make two trips back n forth!!! ....so basically after the prayers n salam-salaman, makan-makan session..camwhoring session...my parents will scoot off to our beloved Kg..Muar..(thou we don't have the kg. atmosphere at maktok's..coz she lives in Muar town..) it's still a kg to me...far from the hustle bustle of the city...we will visit my inlaws..only then balik Muar...(see im very considerate what..hahhaa xdelah raya pertama kat my side je thou its my turn ths year..) * in hope that hubby will be accommodating wen it's his turn..(thou i have to give credit to my parents, mom specially for helping me easen the situation)..i know how she is with first raya not being in muo..specially wen we're not celebrating it with my grandparents on dad's side...(tak penah2 raya kat JB if their not around..thank you mom n dad..love ya!!!). ...albeit the fact that my grandparents on my dad's side won't b in JB ths raya coz celebrating it inKL...

Basically i thk by fourth day of Raya i'll b back in KL..visiting my grandparents n grandparents inlaw (is there such a term??) hehheheh....n my other relatives..best sket coz mom n dad will b around so i just tag along je...

Cita-cita pasal raya...do u know that i have not purchased a single kuih raya yet!! let alone buat...hehhahahahh that's how teruk i am...i plan to do it in JB..(kata rumah dekat ngan angsana..) other than that..i have to collect my baju at the tailor..n yet to find selendang for all my baju...huarggggghhh!!!!! now im realizing that theres soo much to do with soo little time....

On another note..i just got off the phone with my ex-staff...story mory, gossip-gossip about my old company..before we ended the conversation we exchanged hari raya wishes n all then the line was passed to a few of my other staff..all wanting to wish me Selamat Hari Raya...mak terharu u!!!! I miss them....i MISS SPNB....not the workload thou (hahahhhaha) but the environment..been there for almost five years what...heheh so to those in SPNB reading my blog..specially to K.azie, yati,wan,shahril,saiful,sayful,lisa,su and semua budak2 Project Development not forgetting En. Mustaffa Al Bakri Saidin...heheh


Datang lah teratak buruk saya....

The racer...

Not in the mood to update about any buka posa event..not that it was'nt nice or anythg...just that i wanna share wif u guys the photo's of my padawan in action...we (hubby n moi) noticed that he just absoloutly loves to play with any car's steering wheel...c him in action in our team KAZZEN's car...

muka kerek..Priceless..heheh

Ooo ok now i found my balance..

wathca looking at!!

future racer..(hmm ths is how it feels like)

mama n me..hehe

when i grow up..

i wanna b a star wanna be famous..

trying to scrutinize every button available...


Condolences to Didie again on the lost of her beloved father yesterday....(I was informed by rozie on this..so i don't have the details..) AL-FATIHAH

Moga didie tabah menghadapi dugaan yang maha hebat ini....

Kisah maid ku plak....

In the midst of the maid topic..yesterday i felt like turning into Incredible HULK bcoz of wat my darling maid did...i cooked for buka yesterday..hubby wanted jemput2 udang n for our main course i made spaghetti's carbonara..bcoz most of the ingredients was prepared my my 'darling' maid earlier..i managed to settle evertythg an hour b4 buka...

Come buka...hubby as usual makan jemput2 x hingat..so he did not want his spaghetti till after maghrib..which later became after the news..so just before the news ended i heated my spaghetti's sauce...while stirring i noticed that the sauce has become runny..unlike the way i made it before..before jumping to any conclusion...i checked the sauce again just to make sure...i summoned my 'darling' maid...

moi : L*** kenapa kuah ni jadi cair..kamu letak air ke??
'D' maid : ye kak..td tgk..pekat sgt!!!"
moi : hah!!! napa kamu letak air..saya tahu lah camna rupa dia...mmg sepatutnya pekat!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (at this point i was turning into incredible hulk!!!!!!!!)
'D' maid : .................................. (senyap..x tau nak respond apa...)

waduh!!!!!!!! so endingnya hubby terchenta pon x makan banyak...ayat dia lagi best "mushroom soup pon x cair camni!!!!!!!!!!!"

Ish tension nya gue...........dlm dada terbakar2....nasib baik puasa..nilah akibatnya dpt maid yg suka memasak + suka memandai2...waduh!!!!!!!!

Felt like goin on M16 mode...but tak kuasa..so i ended up lepaking with bam-bam n hubby outside..dahlah yesterday the air was like soo still ...

i know most ppl wud say..jgn baik sgt ngan maid..don't let her cook..don't let her do this n that...but sometimes i just cannot find it in my heart to b very2 strict or be very distant...i treat them as a human being n as a domestic help rather than being my maid...in hope that god will see that im trying hard not to manupilate his creation also..i try n try to constantly remind myself that..they r human n entitle to make mistakes..n who am i to judge them as they r equal to us in God's eyes...bcoz of that..i try as much as i can not to scold her in front of anyone..bcoz it could happen to me oso..n how would i feel...God is always fair...n though i try as much as i can... to not let her cook..but sometimes time is not always on my side....so i believe that ALLAH is always there...even though i do every thing perfectly..if its my fate..it will be..thou i hope n pray it won't ...ive been raised by maids since i was very young..but alhamdulillah i was not attached to them..infact one of them r still very close to my family...she looked after me..cooked my food,attended to my whines..braided my hair...

Having a maid makes ur life easier no doubt...the time given is where we can utilise to b a maid,wife partner to our husband..of course our cooking helps the bond go stronger..but i would not say that letting maid cook will make our family haywire...the most important thg in a relationship and bonding of a family is to allocate time for our special ones..to not get stressed over domestic thgs..before having a maid..my life was sooo hectic..as soon as i stepped into my hse..it would be chores..chores..harris..chores..harris...harris..chores..never ending ending chores..i could barely smile..n me n hubby would constantly disagree on the slightest issue..it was tense...maybe bcoz we had a baby n it was our first time..i wouldn't say i could not manage w/o a maid coz i did survive one year plus 7 months of our marriage w/o one..

So basically..just be nice in hope that God will repay our kindness in some way....pray..pray n pray nothg bad will happen to our family...no one would wished to be born a maid..that is why sometimes they r lazy..bcoz at work pon sometimes we have our lazy mode....im not trying to defend them..all im trying to say is that..sometimes we r arrogant in a sense that we see them as low grade..but in God's eyes..we r equal..who knows between them n us..their grades r better than us....imagine our maids waving at us when they enter paradise n we r in the midst of being thrown into hell..hish..mintak dijauhkan..ok now i dah mengarut...time to continue work...


Since the entry with on the buka puasa event has been covered here
Id just like to upload photos of the event and after...(sbb nya malas...) hehehehe tp nak update..hehehe

Mr. n Mrs

Couple contoh

The four MOMsIka enjoying her food..heheh

Back from buka..ika n associates came to my hse to take her maid..(she left her maid at my place during our buka session) sure selonok dua-dua minah tu bercerita...heheheh

Bam..bam wif his new high chair..oo n little sarah

ika n kids with bam.bam n ika's fwen

end of story..wanted to update more..but blogger mcm hampeh...so till then tada

From the small kitchen of mrs. rizal..

hi folks..happy fasting..im sure ur all in slooopy mood unless ur not fasting..hehhe so wat did u guys have for ur buka feast yesterday?

mine was all cooked by moi..bangga ni..hehheh walaupon x seberapa..ngeh.ngeh..ngeh..my parents r in town so I invited them over for buka yesterday.. I managed to serve them Popiah goreng..(had to make 2 versions...) one specially for hubby as he's not use to have the fillings like my mom makes..had to call MIL for the sambal reciepe (yeah..im that lousy in the kitchen dept...but takpelah kan..x tau tanya..!)

this is my typical filling..for hubby's version gotta have cabbage n long beans

home made popiah..mind the vadeh(is this how u spell it??) brought by mom..hubby likes it soo much that mom always buys it if she's from bangi..

Then we had spaghetti bolegnese..for our main course n finally triffle for dessert...all conjured by me..(yelah..thou there's always the recipe for guidelines...u hav to b a bot more creative to get the edge..heheh) but sorry folks..forgot to snap photos as i was too busy munching....ooh n i forgot to add..i took a solid 5hours to settle all...(i know..i know..LEMBAPnya..hehe im still an amatur in the cooking dept..sigh)

now i dunno wat to cook today..coz of the limited time back from work to buka time...wat can i cook in 2 hrs aside from fried egg n sardines??



bam..bam watching BEE MOVIE with papa B4 bedtime..soo cute (to me lah..)heheh