my little one

hi guys...i haven't time my to update my blog..been bz wif the little one..n im off to my inlaws in a short while...but for those who hav yet to catch a glimpse of my r a few snaps of him i took this morning and a photo of us the day he was born....will try to update more wen i come back to my parents place after the other half will b coming home to us tonite..YEAH!!!

He's Arrived...

Alhamdulillah..thanks to God baby Harris B. Mohd Rizal was born on 4th Dec2007 at 12.08pm...weighing 3.57kg......normal delivery....thanks for all your support and those who came n visited..thanks also..specially to my dear friend from nun jauh....(think u shud know who u r)..... ill be resting n spending my confinement period at USJ..don't thk will be going back to JB....during ths period....


Im felt nausea this morning…Must be due to my morning white coffee instead of the usual milo…we ran out of milo yesterday..n me wanting to be a good wifey tried to settle for white coffee instead for my morning quench..thus ending up feeling out…

Ive been meaning to update my blog…but hav not the ability to do so..either im tied up with work or im just exhausted…off late hubby has been sending me to n fro work…thank you dear…thank god for school holidays..but I pity him..USJ-KL_Glenmarie then in the evening Glenmarie-KL-USJ…sometimes I wish that I could deliver ASAP so that it won’t be tiring for him or me…tapi ku takut!!!

As Im nearing my due date..all kinds of thout float in my head…will it be today? Tomorrow? Or will it be overdue?? Im not experiencing any signs of early labour yet…no abnormal shows..just that the baby loves to push my belly hard especially on the top rite side of my tummy…I still can walk normally..occasionally I wil feel the baby heavy in my pelvic area…other than ok alhamdulillah….

Ive lost the motivation to go to work lately…I just wish I could sleep in…I still have 9 days of MC and 6.5 days of AL..but im not intending to utilise it as if I do take early leave…I wud still hav to come to work if I don’t deliver within…

Since i could pop at any time, I would like to take this opportunity to beg for forgiveness (heheh) for all any of my wrongdoings towards u guys throughout the period we’ve known each other…lama tu !!!!…I’ve known some of u guys longer than hubby..16 years dah…so mesti ada nya dosa sunat, makruh n etc..etc..harap diampunkan ye!!...Coz giving birth is like fighting for our lives takut..takut!!!…To my everdearest..don’t forget to forgive me everyday…heheh n pls don’t keep any grudges against me…sometimes I can be a pain..but just bear in mind..Im only human…which means Im entitled to not be perfect….

Ratu Jamu...

I need actually I need recommendation…since my mom has generously offered to sponsor my confinement set..she asked me what brand I want….I’ve asked around but have yet decide..coz im very blur in this area so is my mom…so help me please..u guys have experience giving birth before..what is good and what not…btw u guys ada contact mak bidan x? ifa ada can recommend oso...

Cerita makan-makan Raya

Pada hari minggu yang lepas..saya telah pergi berhari raya di rumah kawan baik saya zulieka..dia meraikan harijadi anaknya Sarah Sofea…yang kedua…saya pergi bersama suami terchenta dan kawan baik satu lagi iaitu Kartini Kassim dan anaknya Jibrail…kami makan nasi lemak yang dibuat sendiri oleh zulieka..sedap..saya makan 2 pinggan..sebab saya lapo..dan perjalanan dari rumah saya ke rumah ika macam dari KL ke MUar lamanya….semua jalan2 penuh dengan kenderaan yang mahu beraya…

Pada keesokan harinya saya dengan gagahnya..telah membuat mee bandung muar..sebab saya nak jemput kengkawan..hehehe..ntah apa rasa mee bandung saya..tapi kawan2 rapat saya seperti didie, ika, kartini telah dtg ke rumah kecil yang saya diami bersama suami..terima kasih..saya terlupa nak mengambil gambar…saya x mampu nak buat open hse sbb saya dah sarat…terima kasih semua kerana datang….

My HAri RAya

Hi everyone..guess u guys hav updated ur blogs with raya stories…I wanted to do so since my first day back at work but did not find the time and energy to do so…

So basically…this was my first raya without my feels kinda weird…thank god im quite used to my inlaws so it was’nt that bad….we arrived a day before raya..n my MIL was bzz preparing the raya feast…I was sooo thankful that MIL got a bibik…so the weightage of helping her was lessen..not to say I did’nt want to help but in this condition..i could’nt help out that much….and SIL plak raya with her inlaws.

So Raya with my inlaws was ok..we did’nt do much visiting except to hubby’s tok’s.., my uncle’s open hse and my grandparents on father’s side….

We departed to muar late 2nd Raya evening… traffic was kinda bad..bad it was worst towards South Bound…arrived in Muar at around Isya’ time…n we were both exhausted….went to raya at my relatives hse till quite late….my parents specialy mom was happy to see us… the next day was most tiring as thou we did not go out..but ppl came none stop…from 11am till 11pm….there was’nt a time when the hse was without guests…

WE departed for KL on the fourth of raya..made pit stops at a few relatives house along the way…then slept at mom’s hse in bangi…

I barely took any photo’s this raya cuz I felt soooo next year nak bergambar raya all out..heheh (cheh berangan)…

So since we’re all still in the festive mood…id like to welcome u guys to my hse…anytime but not on the 2-4th nov as my hse will be closed..unless u guys nak weezal layan u lah..ill be attending a course for that duration..

But do infom me if u guys nak dtg….bolelah I try prepare somethg…nak buat open hse mmg tak laratlah….
Selamat berOPEN HSE!

Check-up & Trading

I had my regular check-up appointment wif my dr. ths morning..everythg seems normal alhamdulillah….I only gained 400gm since my last visit which was 4 weeks back…must be due to fasting…but actually im a bit glad..coz my worst nightmare is ending up being huge n not going back to my original figure…My baby weighs 1.79kg as of today…mom says it’s small n I can hear my dad telling me not to diet in the background!! Not that I diet or anythg..just that during fasting month ni mmg agak susah nak makan..sbb easily fulled up..but the dr. says the weight is normal n I don’t thk I shud worry..or shud i?

Nway..I actually hav a suggestion to all of u…I notice that I have tons n tons of clothes (well not actually tons exaggerating!!..) that I want to give away but dunno to I figured..y don’t we guys meet up one of these days n trade stuffs or if tak trade pun xpe..can take any clothes that u fancy or thk someone u know mite like…nak bg bibik u guys pn no harm…coz I really need to decrease the pile of clothes in my wardrobe.. any takers??

Telling a secret! sshhhh...

I have a secret to share..

i passed a test..heheh..wat test let it be a secret first!..had to take 6 papers all in one day…tp the funny part was..did’nt xpect to pass at all coz..during the maths paper..i wasted 10-12 minutes coz had to really visit Dr. T (ladies la….) ..seriosa x leh control punya!! Of all the papers I thot to myself y must it be the maths paper..the test was quite ez but u had to do it within a very2 limited I didn’t xpect much of the exam outcome as I blew the maths’s still a along way to go..keeping my fingers cross thou..there’ll be 2 more hurdles before I can call everythg a pls pray for me..i soo need a change of job…

Wonders of 15 minutes...

Ever since the fasting month started I’ve had trouble on keeping wide awake during the office..i don’t know what got into me..have tried to reschedule my sahur time earlier so that I can get more sleep before waking up again to go to work…ths morning was the worst..i was practically driving with eyes half wide open..luckily traffic wasn’t that to sort out my sleepiness…I resorted to sleep in the pantry…I took a good 15 minutes nap..thou it wasn’t that comfortable n I had to sleep in a sitting position but am I glad I did it…it surely made a difference now..ive regain a little bit of energy as compared to the time I arrived…..the medication for sleepiness is actually to sleep even for a mere 5-10 minutes…

Suatu Kesedihan...

i hope it's ok to paste someone story in my blog...satu pengajaran dan keinsafan for's from a well known photographer in Malaysia...i often visit his fotopages to admire his it was another story...just wanted to share with u guys his kesedihan...

Terima Kasih Emak!

Baru hari ni saya dapat kumpulkan semula kekuatan saya yang berderai2 semasa pemergian Ibu saya yg tersayang. Dengan pemergiannya, saya hilang inspirasi saya sejak saya boleh mengenal hidup lagi. Memang setiap anak menganggap ibu mereka adalah ibu yang terbaik sekali. Untuk ibu saya, dia menganggap anak dia adalah anak2 yang terbaik sekali. Di lahirkan dan dibesarkan kira2 54 tahun lalu dan di label sebagai "Anak Sial" oleh ibunya sendiri, mak saya di jaga oleh neneknya. Pelajaran bukan sesuatu yang penting. Pada umurnya 9 tahun lagi, arwah ibu saya dah mula bekerja membasuh kain di rumah2 Tuan-tuan pada masa itu. Dengan gaji sebulan RM30, mak menagih kasih dgn ibu dan bapa kandungnya sendiri. Habis gaji setiap bulan RM30 diberikan dgn harapan, dapatlah kasih sayang seorang ibu dan bapa. Malangnya, duitnya di ambil, kasih sayang tak diberi. Emak tak pernah hidup senang. Sehingga lah emak berkahwin dgn ayah pun, emak cuma ada sehelai sepinggang. Memang perasan dalam banyak gambar2 emak masa muda dulu, emak byk pakai baju yang sama. Emak tak kisah. Emak tak pandai membaca, habis anak2 di suruhnya belajar membaca supaya tak jadi macam dia. Semasa sekolahkan saya dan adik2 saya, mak bergolok bergadai. Pajak gadai dah jadi destinasi tetap selang beberapa bulan. Tapi pada dia, anak2 dia tak sepatutnya tidak berpelajaran dan anak2 dia BERHAK mendapat kasih sayang dan perhatian dari "mereka". Emak taknak anak2 jadi macam dia. Pada awal tahun ni, lepas saya hantar adik bongsu saya ke UiTM, Emak menangis sedih...pasal tinggal emak dgn ayah berdua sahaja. Tapi emak gembira dan dia pernah cakap "Kalau lepas ni emak mati pun, emak puas hati anak2 emak berjaya". Justeru, saya berjanji...SAYA AKAN TETAP TERUS MENJADI KEBANGGAN EMAK!! Umur emak tak panjang. Emak dah sakit sejak lahirkan adik bongsu saya pada 1988. Kelahiran melaluhi pembedahan di campur dgn sedikit kencing manis keturunan menyebabkan komplikasi dalam kesan pembedahan. Mungkin itu yang menyebabkan emak menanggung sakit sejak 1988 sehingga 2001. Pada 2001 penyakit emak akhirnya dikesan dan pembedahan untuk membuang ketumbuhan dan rahim emak pada kami satu kelegaan. Sekurang2nya kami berharap emak akan kembali sihat seperti sedia kala. Emak sembuh tetapi selang beberpaa bulan, penyakit emak dtg semula. Doktor klinik kesihatan dan juga klinik2 swasta semua dah di cuba dan cara tradisional mana yang belum dicuba...semuanya hampa. Emak masih tetap sakit. Emak saya tak macam orang lain, dia berjalan 10 langkah pun dah penat. Tapi masa muda dulu, kelapa sawit 50Kg pun dia pikul atas kepala dia. Kereta tolak sarat dgn sawit dgn berat lebih dari 100kg pun dia sorong. Emak sgt kuat menahan kesusahan dan keperitan hidup. Pada tahun 2003, saya bagi emak kereta. Emak happy sangat dan emak boleh pergi jalan2 mana2 emak suka. Setiap kali saya hulurkan nafkah untuk ibu bapa saya...walaupun pada ketika pendapatan saya RM400 sebulan pun, walaupun hanya RM50 pada ketika itu tapi di tatap dan dicium duit tu dgn penuh bangga, itu hasil titik peluh anak yang pernah di kandungnya dulu. Lantas kebiasaannya saya akan dengar perkataan ini "Syukur Alhamdulillah, harap2 rezeki Angah lebih murah lagi". Alhamdulillah, doa nya makbul. Lebih2 lagi setelah penglibatan serius saya dalam perniagaan photography yang semakin menjadi2 dari penghujung 2004, banyak yang telah diadakan untuk kemudahan emak sedikit demi sedikit. Emak suka sangat masa tu. Masih teringat segar dlm ingatan saya bila emak senyum. Senyuman yang saya akan rindukan selama-lamanya. Selepas office saya dirompak tempohari, saya takut nak beritahu emak pasal takut dia risau. Tapi seminggu selepas tu, saya tak sampai hati nak sembunyikan dan saya kongsikan seperti kebiasaannya. Emak tempat saya berkongsi berita susah dan senang sebelum ni (sebelum saya berkahwin), sekarang apa2pun...isteri saya akan tahu dahulu. Tahu pasal rompakan tu, mak saya terus jadi sesak nafas. Dalam sembahyang Asar nya, ayah cerita emak berdoa sampai menangis2 minta saya diselamatkan dari kemelut financial disebabkan rompakan tu. Allah maha BESAR, doa mak saya dikabulkan. Keesokan harinya, saya dapat 2 deal yang BESAR pada hari yang sama. Project yang saya ratingkan terbesar sepanjang tahun ini dan shooting yang melibatkan seluruh malaysia dan juga Dubai. Tak di jangka tapi doa emak kepada anaknya...tidak ada perantaranya. Serentak dgn itu, saya sempat khabarkan kepada emak saya...2 hari sebelum emak saya dimasukkan ke hospital. Saya beritahu "Emak, tahun ni kita boleh raya besar2an, Angah dah recover dari kecurian office, ada rezeki lebih sikit, tahun ni kita raya sama2 satu keluarga kita buat satey, dan angah bawak balik kereta baru". Emak gembira sambil cakap "Syukur Alhamdulillah angah, emak doa rezeki angah dgn intan akan lebih murah lagi selepas ni". 2 hari selepas tu, mak saya dimasukkan ke hospital. I dropped everthing in my hand and made my way to the hospital. Emak nampak LESU sangat. Saya beri dia semangat untuk melawan penyakitnya. Saya tahu emak saya kuat. Adik emak yang 10 tahun beza umur sakit macam emak tapi tahan 2 tahun shj. Tapi adik emak tu selalu sebut pasal nak mati. Tapi emak dah bertahan dari 1988 hingga 2007. Hampir 20 tahun melawan penyakit. Tapi kali ni....emak tewas. Emak mengalah pada ketentuan yang telah tiba. Emak meninggalkan kami semua dalam tidur yang aman di atas katil hospital. Kami adik beradik Abg Along, Adi, Saya dan Razi dgn sorang Adik emak saya sendiri yang memandikan mak kami. Itulah kali pertama dan kali terakhir kami memandikan emak. Untuk pertama kali saya lihat muka emak tersenyum semasa jenazahnya dimandikan. Itulah rupa emak sebelum 1988. Tersenyum tanpa kesakitan yang ditanggung lagi. Senyum yang menggambarkan keamanan dan ketenangan untuk mengadap Rob'Ul Jalil. Sehingga ke liang lahad kami hantar ibu kami. Dalam tangisan kami berikan kucupan yang terakhir sebelum emak di kapankan. Kami ucapkan..."Terima Kasih Emak, selamat berjumpa lagi nanti". Di sebalik senyuman Arwah semasa dikapankan, saya terlihat cerita2 kesusahan arwah membesarkan kami sehingga berjaya. Arwah pergi dengan tenang. Pengebumian yang sgt lancar. Setibanya di liang lahad, kami tarik sahaja tikarnya terus emak tersendeng ke arah kiblat. Dan terus disemadikan tanpa apa2 masalah. Ketibaan jenazah emak dari hospital disambut oleh pagi yang damai dan hujan renyai dan juga jaluran pelangi pagi. Selepas pengebumian, hujan turun selebat2nya selama 1 minggu. Dalam hati saya...sentiasa merindukan emak. Sehingga sekarang, Emak tak pernah mati dalam diri saya. Darah emak yang mengalir dalam badan kami, membawa semangat..."PANTANG MENYERAH KALAH" dan semangat itu masih kuat dan semakin utuh dari hari ke hari. Emak...I MISS YOU MAK!!

Anak Emak

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P/s: to my friends who r married...n myself even..constantly remind our husband to obey n care for thier mothers..n never hurt them..n thou sometimes we do feel dejected wen our husband does more for the mother than us...pls remember...(althou it may be face) that she has the highest priority as compared to us in our husbands lives and her blessing is upmost important to our love our mother in law as much as we love our own mother no matter who they are.....

Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan

Part 2 - MME

Part two of my MME started out very2 early on the 25th Aug morning…it was raining…n it was wet..everywhere..hubby left for Sepang very early….i waited for SIL n the rest down at the lobby…me n SIL went to get breakfast for the team…b4 heading to the track…turns out that Mamil (my BIL) n the mechanics finished preparing the car at 4am that morning…

The race was scheduled to start at 11am until 11pm that night..we ( the F&B crew) arranged the cabin to make it more pleasant….n prepared for breakfast…by 10.15am we were all allowed on the starting grid…the rain had stopped n the track was heating up…it was damn hot..we all went to the car…had photo’s taken n mr. manager aka my beloved made his last round check…10.45 am pit closed….so we stayed in the pit to get a better view of the start….at 11am..MME race began…so after the formation lap..we went to our designated station..the cabin!

A few minutes later...there was a little chaos outside our cabin..turns out that our car had problems…MAJOR PROBLEM..the engine was on FIRE!!!!!!!! Well pratically that was the only thing my hubby heard over the radio with the driver..Cassim..we we’re all stunned…then my weezal asked his assistant..aka mrs cassim to tell the organizers we we were retiring from the race…while up at the office Raudah…had the shock of her life..(maybe im exaggerating too much..heheh)…she saw on the big screen her hubby pushing the car….the officials told her not to retire yet as Cassim was trying to push the car to the pit….the regulations spelled out that if the driver was able to get the car to the pit by any means w/o getting any help from the marshall to the pit…the team was still in the race….the driver can also leave the car n get whatever stuff/gadgets he wants from the pit to aid him in repairing the car on track…but only he himself is allowed to do that…

So aftermuch…drama..Cassim managed to bring the car back to the pit…everyone was on their feet praying the car could be salvaged n repair works could be done so that we could still race…but as humans…we can try our best but fate was still in god’s hand…after looking at the engine…the mechanics noticed that there was a hole in the engine block….n the regulations of the race stated that u can change anything concerning the engine except the engine there goes our race…in the end sadly we had to retire..that was the most disappointing moment for all…my brother called from JB..telling me that the drama of Cassim pushing the car was aired live on TV..kekek atleast our car had its glorious moment if thou not in the way we hoped it would be…

Nevertheless..we did have fun…and the whole team is excited for next year….maybe ths just was’t our year…so hope KAZZEN Motorsport will have a very good outing next year…..

MME- Part One

The weekend has ended…n so has MME 07!!! I wish to celebrate…no more late nite’s for the other more meeting here n there no more abandoning me… but surprisingly I can’t wait for the next MME which of course will be held next year!! Y all the sudden adrenalin rush??? Well here’s y… .

The MME 07 started for us the gurls on Friday morning wen we went in my SIL car to the circuit to catch our team qualifying session…after much unwanted car problems… we manage to qualify…thank god!!!…most of our time..especially mine was spent in the RM6k cabin…thank you mr cabin sponsor!!!!…can’t thank u enuff..if not we’d merempat ntah mana2!!! My dearly beloved did’nt allow me to go to the pit or infact anywhere else except the loo…huhuh….next door to our cabin was Mr Rizal Ashram Ramli aka Mr. Nora Danish who drove for FUGAZI team…but being one of the rich teams they had their own caravan…solely for their three drivers.. since Air Asia was one of our main sponsors…we we’re invited by Dato’ Mokhzani Mahathir during the press conference held by Air Asia, to share their pit….but we declined..well actually my beloved n the the drivers politely declined..firstly bcoz we had already paid for our cabin n secondly in a way it would have affected our team image politically which I prefer not to further elaborate here….

We were practically at the circuit till quite late coz the car needed to be fixed n there we had to organize for the big day we left for our hotel at around 10 ish…leaving the mechanics n my BIL/driver to attend to the car…

Some photo's of the event for u guys to enjoy....will update more..later..


Yesterday was my first attempt to repay last years fast... ate two slices of pizza n a cup of milo for sahur...i was ok throught the day..n upon maghrib time i drank milo n had a bowl of campbells instant mushroom soup to break my fast...we intended to have dinner at Vichuda in Uptown with my SIL n hisham..hubby’s kazzen...

I arrived home quite late yesterday as my car was out of petrol n had to go out of my normal route to the nearest petrol station..upon arriving home..i saw my everdearest in bed.. napping n looking exhausted..i believe from the late nite trying to settle the race car....after buka..i did my ironing, shower, prayers..n hand washed a few of my clothes...b4 waking hubby up..then went to rearrange the cars..apparently there are three cars in our compund..the xtra one is my PIL xtra car..which im driving now cuz its after all that..hubby emerged n off we went for dinner..a few minutes in the car..i suddenly felt break lights seem to dizzy me..n suddenly i felt i was about to blackout..the urge to throw up came immediately n i only managed to tell hubby that i was going to throw up..then out it went..i threw up on myself...i was wet all over..we U turned back..n i was holding the seatbelt so that no more damaged could be done...luckily my husband car was clad in leather..if it was my car...imagine the stench n the amount of cleaning to do!!!... So im trying to figure out..y it alll the did i throw up?? My guess..its bcoz i did not break my fast properly n was actively doing chores n xhuasted my last source of wen i finally did relax in the car..the body system broke n it did’nt help the fact that i ate milky base stuff for buka..
So next time i hav to eat my buka properly....n not out do myself...lesson learnt!

About the Jam & Milo…

I cud hardly open my eyes this morning.. I had to practically force I ended up whizzing myself ready for work n had only a small amount of time to prepare my other half’s coffee..i settled for milo in the box (air kotak lah..forgot wat it is in english…blur kekeke..) for my morning quench n had it while driving to work ths morning..

I was late only by a mere 3 minutes but it cost me more..traffic was soo I arrived a little later than my office’s buffer time..8.45am..anyway I hurriedly gathered my thgs n the empty milo box n exited the car..n to my disgrace.. the last traces of milo drip onto my white skirt…it blotched two spots on my skirt…I wanted to wail..but tried to keep calm.. (nway it’s nothg unusual actually due to the fact that im always clumsy…) so I went up..n hurriedly cleaned the mess in the toilet n dried it off under the auto hand dryer machine….so the mess was salvaged for the morning..until I visited the toilet again like 2 hrs later n saw that there was another blotched of brown milo stain on my top…althou it was a black had brown patches of visible milo stain!!!!..again I had to go thru the same routine of cleaning it up again…lets hope n pray I stay clean throughout my day…


Kenapa saya selalu ngantuk di kantor?

1. Sebab saya selalu tidur lewat…kenapa?? Sebab sy selalu menemani suami sy membuat urusan MME nya..kenapa? sbb kalau saya tak ikut..nanti saya kelaparan..sbb suami sy nanti x tahu balik pukul brapa pastu kalau dia belikan makanan untuk sy dulu..dia terkejar-kejar ke lokasi temujanjinya…jadi itu sebab pertama sy ngantuk..

2. Kerja sy membosankan..bukan sy takde kerja tapi sy rasa dah xde cabaran bila buat benda yang lebih kurang sama….bosan!!!..

3. Ketiga..ofis sy ni asyiklah block website-website yang boleh membantu sy mengurangkan ngantuk..bukannya sy tgk wesite x kengkawan pun nak block..ntah apa2!!!…camnalah sy tak ngantuk…

Itu antara sebab2 utama mengapa sy sangat ngantuk di kantor..kepada kengkawan yang ada cadangan yang dapat membantu diharap dapatlah dikongsi di sini… ngantuk

depressingly bored....

It's a saturday..n im bored to husband left me at my SIL..wif no one at home..SIL is out wif her best pal from JB...hubby n all of the related clan went to Jln Pasar to buy stuff for their MME preparation...while i feel soo bored n alone...its not as if if its been hours..i thk he left me at abt 3pm...i was watching desprate hsewives season 3 on DVD wen i had to go to the toilet...wen i returned i clumsily pressed a button on the remote n the tv is now in the black n white dots mode...tried pressing a number of buttons but it did'nt ths results to why im here writing a post in my blog...

i wanted to go to OU since its so near..wanted to checkout the maternity pants at motherclub..but it's a weekend n i dread having to go alone..coz i know parking wud be a bummer...wanted to checkout the IKEA sale too but again the issue wud be the same...

My hubby is soo into his MME preparation....(in case u don't know MME stands for MERDEKA MILLENIUM ENDURANCE RACE) he's not the driver but he's the manager of the team...the drivers are my BIL, my hubby's cousin n my BIL cousin...they made it 3rd two years twice so now aiming for the top spot...

Life for my husband evolves around ths MME thg...not that he's completely abandoned me...he still does his share of hse chores...make sure i eat..tucks me in at night..but i know more than half of his concentration is on ths thg...

Im not saying i don't support him...i really do..i know he likes doing ths..just that sometimes i feel left out in his priority list....i wish he cud accompany me shopping for my maternity wear with much enthusiatic emotion as he we're for his racing xpecting my first baby..n im out of my normal day attire...but i dread having to go to places w/o him...every weekend will b spent at SIL...i hav to manage doin stuff on my own till he settles...sometimes on weekdays the time we get home im half asleep...

Maybe im just being emotional...but im lonely..very lonely rite now....i wish ths baby wud be out now so that atleast i hav somebody to talk too...

30 years together...

Me n my lover went back to JB for the weekend, twas my parents 30th anniversary so I forked out my life savings cuz my pay day was a week away n treated them alongside with the rest of our small clan to Hi-tea at Hyatt Regency…I did’nt know that Hi-teas in other states were cheap as compared to the ones in KL…of course the spread was not that much, but than again..if it were otherwise, as if lah terlarat nak choke on all of the food…

Nway, 30 years of marriage…I know some of u guys parents have made it thru more years..but just thk of the fragile state of marriages nowadays..what makes most marriage in the generations b4 work as compared to today’s marriage….

Back then there were no mobile, internet to stay in touch…if a couple were separated for a while…letters were the connecters…n yet they manage the n shun from any source of betrayal… couples nowadays hav the freedom to meet n date on a regular basis..can hav dinners n curfew’s were a lot more flexible…I remember mom saying that she was only allowed out on her own after Form 6..that was like at the age of 18…n at what age r kids allowed out these days??..12, 13 maybe?? grandfather was a very-very strict man..all his kids must be home to perform maghrib prayers together…no xcuse…

Parents nowadays just let the TV blare during maghrib…so there goes the amount of respect for prayer time…I believe we r living in a world of material, where entertainment, material possession,wealth & the social status is something that is upmost important…being successful is what most people crave for even if their family institute fails…

For us..owning a designer bag, driving a good car n being able to send our kids to the best day care or schools is an achievement..but wen I thk of mum does not own even one premier designer bags…nor will she ever fork her money to do so..she still drives her 1999 Wira A/B which she bought cash…only has 2-3 paris of shoes..mainly black in color..she still has no collection of jewellary except for what she’s wearing..despite the fact that she made it to the top in her career eventhou not exactly to the no. 1 spot in RCJ… all her pay is for commitment... no bills to pay..lets compare that to her only daughter…has a number of or two designers, has better jewellary than her, drives a car that mom n dad put a nice deposit for, living in mums hse in KL, has numerous pairs of shoes, has endless credit card bills to pay..has to pay for petrol, study loan bla..bla..bla, expecting a baby in a few months time..n is nowhere near achieving career success …

Maybe if we lessen our aim on achieving material procession n social status we might be able to balance our family n career in hope that our relationship will last till the end…maybe if we pay more attention to God Almighty will we live peacefully n thgs will fall in the right places..maybe we might not even hav to fork our money for our kids education..what makes our kids different from those who can make it into National Uni…n does having a degree abroad make them more of a better person than us? Do all of them hav a happy life? Look around n u’ll find the answer…its’s not a sin to splurge if we can afford nice stuff for our family..but I belive to make it through years-years of marriage is to balance everything….it may be easier said than done..but if our parents can.why can’t we?..I hope n pray that my relationship will last till alam akhirat..insyallah..n all of my friends marriage/relationship will too…what we need to find is that BALANCE in life…so good luck to u guys n myself also..hopefully 30 years from now we will be with the same partner n living modestly but most importantly happily…

The Alligator Cramps

I’ve been suffering from leg cramps aka simpul biawak for two nights in a row..n It occurs twice every night…It hurts badly…I’ve tried applying Counterpain before bed..but its not much of a help…Can anyone give me tips…I can’t imagine waking up every day to this pain till I deliver..i know it’s common for expectant mothers to experience ths..but can’t anythg be done to prevent hubby will eventually crack if waken by my scream of pain every night….

A night at the movies...

So I finally managed to watch TRANSFORMERS last night…n what a movie it was..full of anticipated action..enough to receive applauds from the audience when it ended..its not soo much of the plot that made the movie fantastic…I admire the graphics n art of making these autobots seem real..well it worked for me..(to the extent I imagined the autopay machine wud transform..upon me paying the ticket!!,,,kekekek (must be my baby’s imagination..)

Of the cast im not soo much of the Shia La Beouf fan…I did drool on Josh Duhamel thou..yum..yum.!! N it was not so much of a surprise when hubby pointed out Megan Fox was hot….if he said otherwise id better start worrying!!!.hehehe…nway I really enjoyed the movie n I believe so did the rest of the clan that went with us…as im not really a movie addict..i wonder when will my next outing to the movies be?…

Me n hubby stayed at my SIL hse in TTDI last nite…n how thankful I am that I got to hav a little xtra Zzzzzzzz since I don’t have to be out in the traffic as early as usual…


I want to own a magazine store… im bored to death with my current work..(read: Bosan tahap GABAN!!)

Yesterday I had an interesting conversation with a friend…or shud I say distant..distant relative… apparently her sister just opened a magazine store/ corner at one of the famous malls in Damansara..wif under RM100 k capital…within two months of operation..she’s managed to almost break even!!!…Woweeee…bestnya…thou it is hardwork n it takes long-long hours..but atleast it’s hers..n she’s merely 24!!…

So me brangan-brangan..bestnya if it was me..heheheh anyone care to join me as partners?

Hari Keluarga

Pada hari minggu yang lepas..saya bersama suami menghadiri Hari Keluarga Jabatan saya di hotel yg hampeh Le Paris Resort aka Costa Rica Apartment Port Dickson…di sana kami telah melepak dan bersantai, kami juga telah menghadiri acara kemuncak Hari Keluarga itu iaitu jamuan makan malam yang bertemakan warna hitam dan merah..pada acara cabutan bertuah…saya telah memenangi penyedut hampagas yg sgt comel..nama nya pun icute…terima kasih bnyk2 sbb kami mmg tiada alat elektronik ini…

yang saya menangi bewarna jingga kecopperan spt warna tulisan ini...lagi cantik sekian


Imagine tailoring ur wedding attire at Salikin Sidik, gown from Melinda Looi and Rizalman... getting LV bag, Dior shoes, a set of expensive jewellary for your hantaran, having ur grand event at a very2 famous hall that charges RM70++ per head..handing out ur wedding invitation card using hardcover material…All that plus the normal fresh flower dias..n etc..etc..paid by ur soon to be other half..who not a son of a Tan Sri, Dato’..politician..he’s just a young guy..doing bzness…an agriculture bzness to b precise!!…how lucky is that girl??..she does note even hav to pay for one single thg on both sides!!! Well turns out she’s a friend of mine…n no..she’s is not working as a professional nor is she a uni graduate…she obtained her diploma from a private collage…n she does not come from a wealthy family…youngest out of a number of siblings….her father passed away when she was a kid, she still has a mother, a woman in her late 60 es or 70es surviving on what the kids give her..….. My friend is very2 attractive & pretty mind u….

why am I sharing ths wif all of u….i don’t even know why?? Maybe to state that….thou she had a hard life during her growing up period…does not mean the hardships stays forever, n maybe educationally we r far more better than her…infact we may earn more…n we may come from better families…but goes to show that rezeki seseorang hanya Allah yang tahu…n who r we to judge the people around us…but of course all this won’t guarantee the marriage will last till the end..(Hopefully it will..) Nor will it ensure that life for them will always be posh poised and smooth sailing....but what difference does it make to our own life?....if we can afford fine thgs now…can it be a sign that better thgs are to come our way?....can we beat our fate n destiny?...


We were in JB for the weekend,..don’t get me started on how the trip was… 2 simple words..DAMN EXHAUSTING!!!! hubby’s granddapa was ill….so we spent a lot of time at his hse..his condition was fraile..heard he’s been hospitalized again.. poor him.. .

I manage to eat otak2 JB..not the kempas one..i like the one in nice..yum..yum (finally dpt)…

Wish to write more but got work to do..will try to update soon..

Feeling soo blue

I cried n cried ths morning..unable to stop the tears that flow…until all the tissue I had was a mere few minutes..i guess sometimes we need to let the thgs that bother us out…even if we end up crying buckets..even if the other party does not try to understand..sometimes I do I the only one who feels like s*it wen I the only one who is sooo tired after work to barely able to lift a finger to do the hsework? I asking to be pampered? Am I asking too much for someone to understand that its tough being pregnant…tougher wen I work soo far away…can someone just tell me….is this feeling normal or am I going overboard?…..fatigue has been my major problem these days..and someone sees that as a problem…

My Visit to the Dr.

I’ve been kinda off the weather lately…

My parents were in KL last weekend, my uncle n family came to our hse wif my maktok..on Saturday…I served them mee bandung (homemade)…my maktok stayed for the night..alas my wish for her to stay over was granted..she’s not that strong nowadays..but its good to see her back to her old self…

Been on M.C on Monday..then M.C again yesterday, apparently I made my way to work yesterday b4 seeing my GP at the clinic in my building despite the fact that I felt dizzy..he gave me an M.C…took the opportunity to get my first medical checkup at SJMC....I arrived at SJMC at around 11am…went to register..they asked me which Dr. id like to see…so I asked for Datuk Dr. Siti she is a famous O&G here..n was highly recommended…apparently there were 16 more patients in her line..n she was off after lunch…so again they asked me if I wanted to see another Dr….(damn!!! as if I knew all the Doc's here) I opted for Dr.Fong..bcoz it was kay’s Dr. ….n the fact that only 4 patients were waiting in line…

So there I was looking like an idiot sbb dunno what to xpect n anxiously waiting for my husband..nsb baik SJMC dkt ngan his the room after the Q&A he said..”I’m gonna run some test on you”…I was like..oo ok..wat test shud I xpect..maybe ultrasound, urine, blood..thank god my hubby manage to get in the room b4 my examination…

In the Examination room or whatever the medical term for it is….i was asked to take off my pants n underwear n un hook my bra…whoa!!!..ths I did not expect…but ur already there so just follow the procedures..firstly the Dr. checked my breast..then went for an baby is almost 14 weeks…then Dr. check my Va**na..for any infection..ths was the most depressing part..but what choices did I god im cleared of any problems..Dr. said” ok ur baby is healthy n ur healthy.. good!..” alhamdulillah..atleast there’s the consolation of having to go thru all that…”n i‘ll see u in 4 weeks time..” after that went to the lab for urine n blood test n then payment time..i xpected the bill to be humongous after what I went thru…n initially my husband told me it was RM460.00..i was like “WHAT!!!!!!”..(sbb he hid the receipt lps dia byr)..n there I was feeling soo bad n guilty..smpai blanja dia makan lunch at windmill ok..turns out takdelah smpai that amount..cheh!!!”…

So im actually 3 ½ months now….its kinda weird..sbb im not that excited..its not like I don’t want it or what..just trying to indulge the fact in less than 6 months it’ll be the three of us..n I kinda freak out imagining the baby screaming in the middle of the night…huhuhu..

I don’t have any ultrasound image to share with u guys..but there’s one baby that I adore soo much n that is Shiloh Nouvel Jolie Pitt…she is absolutely adorable..i know a lot of u prefer Suri Cruise..but I just love ths one..n the fact that im obsessed with her parents adds to ths…


The comments received from my previous entry somehow winded on the subject of MONEY..

And I believe we all hav our different perspective towards it… Coming from a middle class had never been a big issue in my household..not to say we had tons of it..but it never pinched me and my siblings to the extent that we had to wait till our parents pay cheque to get thgs…My parents are both government their pay were not humongous…albeit the fact that mom was working my dad footed all the bills for the family…We were considered lucky as my dad’s profession brought us abroad… I was born in UK alongside my youngest bro, got my primary education there till my dad got his Ph.D. Mothercare, Marks & Spencer, Debenhams, H&M, Bhs, were normal to us. Most of my shoes were Clarks..bcoz it was cheap..n I did’nt know the value of Bally coz mum had a number of them at home back then..

I was able to visit a lot of European countries at a young age, Holland, France, Swiss, Belgium W.Germany to name a few..but we did’nt travel in style, we slept at the camping site that were everywhere in Europe. We ate packed food, n simple meals to travel n get by country to country. I didn’t realize how lucky I was till I came back…Not many of my friends (primary) had the luxury to even travel…let alone heard of the labels I wore…

As I grew older, I realized that I had more privilege than my friends in terms of financial security, I may not hav a lot of cash in hand, but dad paid for my fees during my degree which helped al lot now, as I only had a fraction more to pay by myself.

Im also blessed to be married to someone who occasionally gives me nice stuff from labels I never thot id ever afford….I don’t drive a car that I can be proud of, of course sometimes I wish I cud have nicer wheels, but im thankful I only hav to pay a very low monthly installments as my parents put down quite a lot for my downpayment…I earn way way lower than what my friends are getting, infact a friend has doubled my salary…I don’t own a property n don’t hav the luxury to buy thgs on a regular basis…let alone buy designer labels handbags or shoes. But me n hubby occupy a modest house owned by my mom, n thou we do pay rent, it’s a lot lesser than the current rate…n I do have a tit bit of expensive jewellary, designer bags n shoes...but none of the above were purchased by me..(Obviously x mampu..)

I know that in a way money is important, it can make people smile, it can boost our self-confidence and it helps to have a little extra…but I also know thru experience that money can’t buy love or keep someone with u..if they want to leave..they will be it u have millions in ur bank account..n it wont expand the life of our love ones if it’s the end of their journey in this does help initiate a relationship..but it does not sustain it, Ive witness relationship of power, money, fame& beauty crumble infront of me..

I don’t see myself having a title in front of my name, but its ok…or having the luxury to drive super cars or even the mere beamer..but its ok..i know my friends will have bigger houses than me in the future..its ok..n maybe they’ll get to send their kids abroad while I may be the few people who hope they do well in order for them to get into National Uni..but again..its ok..bcoz as some may say I may seem too modest too be true(but this is what i truly feel)..i only hope for my life to be ok..debt free simple n can achieve what my parents have given me..if not more..n hope that I have a good health n life..even w/o $$$$$...n that the ppl I love will love me back for who I am…even thou I will age as time goes by…and maybe I feel this way becoz I had a pinch of everythg highs n lows….and to all of my friends…I don’t judge the way u feel about money as we all have different backgrounds, upbringing and way of life..i hope u all will succeed with ur family, career and achieve ur dreams..if u guys make it big..just don’t ever forget our friendship..

Honeymoon part TWO

Throut the holiday..we had breakfast & dinner on the deck of the hornbill restaurant which was superb during the evening as u can watch the sunset from afar...

met a very friendly neighbour elayne & dennis..(next to our villa) who turn out to be Subang Jaya's residents oso..they even hired a they were kind enuff to chauffer us around the island...

My lover..aka hubby sumhow tried to buy a cake for my birthday..but the hotel was kind enuff to give a complimentry cake for me which came is as a was put on our hotel room while we were out!! so all in all we had a fab time..n here r sumore photo's of us making a fool of ourselves on vacation!!...

I hope we can hav another vacation soon..

Blogger Buzz: Post to the Blogger beta from Picasa

Blogger Buzz: Post to the Blogger beta from Picasa

Honeymoon Part One

Life had been a little over the top for me since I came back from my vacation hence updating my blog has been put aside..just returned from Bt Gajah Perak yesterday, grandma or I call her maktok had been ill..not exactly sick or what but she had been very2 weak n fraile… (even the thot of her makes me wanna cry buckets)…but she’s recovering…twas just a mere fever…but as we grow older I guess it takes a heck of time n pace for us to regain our health back… I’m very close to her as she brought me up the first few years of my childhood as my mom abandon me(heheh no..lah) for her studies…she was like a second mom to me..i hope u guys can pray that she’ll be well soon…I just feel like being by her bedside all the time..luckily my bro is on holidays so he’s helping my aunt care for her…

Back to my vacation update..aka honeymoon…it turned out to be a very enjoyable one..
We checked in at the hotel mini reception at Lumut jetty n was brought to the hotel (Pangkor Island Beach Resort) via their point our baggage was taken care of from this point n was delivered to our room upon arrival..

Upon a nice welcoming entrée complete wif drinks..we checked in at the counter and was told that we had been upgraded to the villa..the best rooms of the hotel..there were only 12 villas n the best part is no kids were allowed in our area…Our villa aka as the chalet was called Seri Pagi.. It was damn spacious..had a huge bath tub but the icing on the cake was that it had an outdoor shower that was damn fab. We had a private patio n our portion of the beach was secluded from the rest of the guest..but the beach never got too crowded thou it was fully occupied throughout our 3 nights stay…we were given 6 cans of carbonated drinks alongside with 2 mineral water replenished daily complimentary from the hotel… We were also greeted with a WELCOME sign made from small cute flowers(forgot the name of it ) on our bed…

ive uploaded some photo's for u guys viewing..

will update sum more in my next entry...

The entrance to our villa

Me on the foyer

lepak area

The outdor shower..superb..

Preview of our honeymooooon............

will update u guys on my wonderful my next entry..for now enjoy the view of the place we stayed in..The Villa

Holiday mood..

I'm going on holiday yeay...find my shades,splat some sun tan lotion..get my straw all set to go...c u guys wen i get back..

Me a fashion designer??

You Should Be Fashion Designer

Although you're offbeat and artistic, you have a good eye for trends
You can figure out new incredible clothes to create... that will sell well!
im addicted to to my SIL..i know u will be too kay n awie..have fun..kekekk

Go away,,,

Im in no mood to do a write sleeping early these days..hav no urge to do anything even watch my fav series or read…dunno what to eat nowadays…cooking seems sooo exhausting….I feel like living in a nutshell to hibernate till ths feeling goes away..i want my life back…

Im sooo desperate in needing a new environment…new thgs to do..can someone speed the time in need of my long overdue vacation…thanks syg for bearing with my mood swings....

My Sweet Escape (i wish)..

If only i had enuff $$$ to have a vacation here....

Am looking foward to my long due honeymoon..thou it's nothing compared to this BORA BORA island..its still a vacation..n i need that...

Not really in the mood to blog out but would like to send my heartiest condolences to awie on losing her beloved mother..may allah bless her soul fatihah

Things worth mentioning..
Liverpool are in fantastic shape...winning 4-1 againts Arsenal and trashing PSV 3-0 (At an Away game mind you)...Way to go Liverpool!!!! (everytime i see Crouch in action..he really reminds me of dear hubby..thou hubby is not a striker n almost always plays the last man..but their both lanky n tall..hhehe)

My alll time fav player Totti's team ROMA made Ferguson grasp for breath to stay alive in the competition...i soo hope ROMA trash them again at Old Trafford..

My parents will be in town today..really miss's been kinda while since i met them...funny..i miss them when i'm no longer theirs..when i was still theirs..i yearn to be separated miles n miles away from their rules n regulation not to mention the constant nagging...

P/s I forgot to mention the most important fact of today..IT"S A FRIDAY PPL YOHOOOOOOO!! have a happy weekend........

Gift from Negeri Bawah Bayu...

I've been meaning to scribble this entry a few days back but did'nt have the time to do so..

My PIL wif my SIL n hubby went to Keningau Sabah recently...SIL's hubby's bro got married there..they came back late tuesday night with goodies..hehehe

I knew Sabah was famous for its i kirim my SIL this

My MIL got me this....(im so blessed to have MIL with good taste... i think SIL helped her choose this oso..)

And this was goodies from my SIL...the cat is sooo comel..

MIL oso got my mum a strand of pearls...this is a display of wat we got...hubby x dpt apa..sbbb according to SIL..she wanted to get him a tasbih for his neck but then again..he does'nt don those stuff anymore..(ahahahah*kitty)


One fine Saturday morning..woke up n had the urge to coordinate my wardrobe …Did the normal House chores…spring cleaning till hubby came back from work ..picked me off n drove us off to Crowne Plaza Hotel Jalan Sultan Ismail for our Hi-Tea session..using our complimentary Hi-Tea privillege..

Food there ok but Shangrila’s Hi Tea was better..(went there a fortnight a go) ..the fried seafood corner was scrumptious ..yum..yum

Hubby had siew mai…
Planters Inn was not that full that we we’re able to sit back n relax without some annoying noise of ppl talking on top of their lungs n children screaming here n fact we had the smoking area all to ourselves..only thing that irritated hubby was this Jinjang Amoi who seemed to take every single offering that was freshly cooked w/o having a thought for the ppl behind her (my hubby) that pi@#d him off..

Dessert..Shangrila was way more better…

I can still picture the chocolate fountain..heheh
We we’re trying out our new NIKON COOLPIX S9 so here are some playful shots taken …

Hubby had a soccer match yesterday..n yeay!!!! they’s been quite some time they tasted the sweet victory of winning..

Cooking in Low..

We had Ikan Bawal masak Kicap, Asparagus with oysters sauce and butter prawns yesterday..all home cooked by me..*blush..blush… it was my first attempt to cook 3 meals all at once..n to me it was ok..not to say chef’s quality..but edible for me n hubby to gobble up..thou hubby wud prefer me to cook something simpler on weekdays..(he said and I quote” u don’t have to cook like this on weekdays,..weekends takpelah..” “nanti u penat n the kitchen will be messy” !!! which made me sad n I slept with that disappointment hovering in my head n heart..…. cuz I’ve been wanting to do this for the past week not that he didn't appreciate it..

I always clear my mess up but being him..the kitchen must be spotless wen u’ve finished n it does’nt help the fact that our kitchen sink is leaking..sigh..sigh..….Ooh dear god I’m married to a male version of Bree…..My cousin dropped by yesterday which delayed my cooking we had dinner at 9.35pm..n that is considered late for my other half..

I guess I’m just that sort of person where..if I’m in the mood I’ll cook a variety..but wen I’m not..even frying an egg seems like sooo exhausting…

My Parents In-Law will be arriving this evening…picking them up @ I don’t thk I’ll be cooking..f/more..i don’t think im quite ready to conjure up a meal for anyone but hubby n my siblings( coz they wud cekik aje wat I cook..) I need a lot more practice…I still thk im such a loser in the kitchen dept..hhuhu…

My Camera Hunting Session...

Woke up to a very soggy sun to glare at my eyes…twas wet everywhere..took me an hour and 50 minutes drive to the office..i repeat 1 Hr 50 min..but am not complaining..i knew it was gonna be those morning when u’ll arrive late…so no stress..n im really thankful to my other half for loaning his car..if I was in my car…by now my foot would be aching like mad…

Been camera hunting last weekend..been in n out of practically every camera shop in Sg Wang n BB plaza….comparing the conclude our camera hunting say..the price of whichever model of any brands are relatively the the key to it is get as much freebies in ur package..

Initially my aim was to but the Sony T10 which was portrayed in my previous entry..but thru our findings…T10 has been discontinued…n most of the sales person wud not recommend SONY as it is way over priced and the fact that u can get better deals n quality with other camera brands such as Canon, Nikon and Olympus…we did our own experiment where we compared the output in a Canon camera as compared to Sony..we rejected Sony straightaway…output seems blur n dark…

In the end I had my eyes for Canon Digital IXUS 850
one of the shop was offering it for RM1350…it was a Great deal considering it gave us 2G card, Mini tripod, Original Casing & Screen Protector….but then he came out with another camera Nikon COOLPIX S7, hubby wasn’t that interested thou at first…due to the simple design..but we played with it and compared it to Canon Digital IXUS 850…the output is relatively the same..only thing is u have to pay more for Canon IXUS 850. My hubby took a photo of my ring..n to our surprise..the NIKON COOLPIX S7 gave us a better output n the ring did not glare as to CANON..the same happened when we tried taking the photo of the distortion or glare..and the best part is the price offered was RM960 with the same package. WaaaaaAaah….but we did’nt decide that day..hehheh because my SIL also wanted to buy a camera…

So yesterday…the three of us me..hubby & SIL..went to Sg Wang.. (throught the gap I researched n compared these two camera’s read reviews n all) my heart was on NIKON COOLPIX S7 coz I cud save almost RM400.. I cud like buy a pair of shades with that money!!!!!!!..n id still be getting the same quality of photo with NIKON. SIL also was very keen on my choice. We were about to settle for two of th S7 until the Sales Assistant (Supervisor actually) came out with NIKON COOLPIX S9 was smaller, more compact n it’s like a mirror…we fell in love wif it....the only downside of it being compared to S7 was the Megapixel...S7= 7.1MP while
S9 =6.0MP..but they assured us that 1.1 MP output u can barely see the difference in the output..only if u decide to print ur photo’s more than 8R than u’ll need a bigger MP….in fact bigger than 7.1MP..n how often do u do that?...The price..RM850 with all the abovementioned package.

After much contemplating on the color..(BLUE OR SILVER) SIL took BLUE while me the latter coz hubby preferred SILVER….f/more it wud be confusing if we both owned the same color…and now we both are the proud owner of NIKON COOLPIX S9…heheh

*tips: if u guys intend to buy a camera..get 2G of memory card as u can stock loads of photo’s n this is essential specially wen ur on hols..n get a spare battery as the battery span of a camera insufficient again especially wen ur on hols…u get a good deal when on PWP..if u guys need help in getting the best deals for camera n phones too ring me up..i can try n get u the best deals..kkekek…

*it's been a while since i last saw my parents..during CNY hols...kinda miss them...the thot of them makes my eyes watery..never knew that when u have someone u love dearly by ur side u still missed those who r always a part of u this much...


photo courtesy from kay's fwd mail..

wishing for...

do u guys have wish list or a must have list??? well apparently im starting to have one and one of my must have's is this..

Just confirmed bookings for my long due honeymoon to an island....*blush...blush.. so we'll need a camera since my phone has no camera function..(thou im not complaining since my office was generous enough to give our dept execs cool hp..)

Been checking out digital cameras the pro n con..some say sony is overpriced soo if u guys have some info or reviews ud like to share..pls doo..b4 i splurge on something that is way pricey...
n i do have a few more things i would like to have...but with the amount im saving vs the amount spent..i think it'll be a long..long time b4 i do get myself these stuff...hehe

2. A nice pair of shades..(the one i saw @ GUCCI perhaps)..;-P
3. Sling bag n slippers (this one i thk im able to afford b4 my trip..)
4. Handbag for work...this one seriously in need of..
5. Black strap sandles....Eying Rockpot
6. A new car..kakakakaka which is automatic..driving to KL is soooo stressful..a Beamer perhaps (keep on dreaming...)
7. A maid to do our ironing..kekeke
8. Lots n lots of pretty frocks for weddings..i keep wearing the same attire for every occasion (sian kita..x mampu nak pay for the tailoring services too xpensive ..)

I just wish i knew the answer to flyfm's end bit..could treat u guys to a nice meal..n shop like mad...

did u feel it????

just returned from evacuating the office.. towards the end of my lunch break..we felt a tremor in the called earlier stating that she had to evacuate her building at noon tis morning..that was wen the first quake in sumatera occured..thank god it hit the area by the wide open indian ocean.....the one at 1.55pm which i felt was apparently the third which led to the evacuation notice by my darling GM(HRA)...we were like sheeps in a herd scattered around our back lane access...goes to show how old our world is....

4 Persons...inspired by someone...

I was inspired by someone today to post u guys this that someone..
once in a while..we'll look back at the choices we made...n the questions of why/whom/where and the IF will always be there to torment matter how we look at it..the answer will always be our own assumption..coz our lives will never be what it is today if we chose assure that u made the right choice..n destiny has it that this is ur path...if ever this path u take changes direction that might effect u deeply..never have regrets coz chances are it will never work out with that person either..this is ur destiny..make the best of what u have...God never paired us with the wrong is how we navigate our lives together which makes us fall apart and end up in thinking we could do much better with someone else...

Subject: Four people you will meet in life

Four people you will meet in life......
Life is the process of finding love;
every person will need to find four people in their life.
First person is you,
Second person is the one you love most,
Third person is the one who love you most,
And the fourth is the one you spend the rest of your life with.

In life, firstly you will meet with the one you love most, and learn how
love feels. Because you know how love feels, so you can find the person
who loves you most. When you have experienced the feeling of loving others
and being loved, you will then know what it is you need most.

Then you will find the person who is most suitable for you, to be able to spend
the rest of your life with. Sadly, in real life, these three people are usually not
the same person. The one you love most doesn't love you. The one, who love you
most, is never the one you love most. And the one you spend your life with, is never
the one you love most or the one who love you most.
He is just the person who happens to be at the right place at the right time.

Which person are you in other people's life?

No person will purposely have a change of heart. At the point in time when he loves
you, he really loves you. But when he doesn't love you anymore, he really doesn't love
you anymore. When he loves you, he can't pretend that he doesn't. Same goes,
when he loves you no more, there's no way he can pretend he loves you.

When a person doesn't love you and wants to leave you. You must ask yourself if
you still love him, If you also don't love him anymore, do not keep him just to save
your pride. If you still love him, you should wish him happiness, and hope that he
willbe with the one he loves most, not stop him from it. If you stop him from finding true happiness with the one he loves, it shows you already don't love him, And if you don't
love him, what rights do you have to blame him for a change of heart?

Love is not possessive, If you like the moon, you can't just take it down and put it in you
basin, But the moonlight still shines upon you. In other words, when you love a person,
you can use another method of possessing the person. Let him become a permanent
memory in you life. If you really love a person, you must love him for what he is.
Love him for his good points, and the bad, You can't wish for him to become like what
you like him to be just because you love him. If he can't change to become what you like
him to be, you don't love him anymore.

When you really love a person, you cannot find a reason why you love him, You only
know that no matter when and where, good mood or bad mood, you will wish to have
this person be with you. Real love is when two people can go through the toughest
problems without asking for promises or listing criterias. In a relationship, you have to
put in effort and give in at times, not always be on the receiving end. Being away from
each other is a type of test, If the relationship isn't strong, then you can only admit defeat.
Real love will never become hate. When two people are in love, They love to ask each
other to swear, to make promises. Why do they ask each other to swear and promise?
Because they don't trust each other, they don't trust their lover. These swear and promises
are useless; Till the sky falls, till the ocean dry, my love for you will never change!
We all know that the sky will never fall; the ocean will never dry, Even if it does happen,
are we still alive by then?

Be careful when making promises; don't make promises that you cannot keep.
Swear by things that can never happen, because it can never happen, so no harm just saying
it casually. Remember, "Swearing by things that can never happen are the most touching!!"
In a relationship, what you say is one thing, but what you do is another; The one saying, d
oesn't believe; the one listening, also doesn't believe.

Which person have you found so far?

I found all of them..but i'm lucky to have ended up with one of them...

wait a minute...

a brief update; my photographer has just updated my wedding photo at just thot i'd like to share it wif u guys...

A very adventures weekend...

I had a very2 adventures weekend …it started off on late Friday night…had my good old friends over at my small teratak...Mrs Z aka Kay and Mrs I aka Awie with their adoring little ones...jib n dhani…hubby had futsal that night so It was just the gurls with their full time accessories…minus me w/o mine yet.. we chatted…they looked at my wedding photos but it was tough to even have a decent conversation w/o the interruption of the young ones..specially little jib..i believe he was tired n it was nearing his bedtime..well I guess that’s the cycle of life..u have ur solitude time to urself until u get ur young ones..then everything u do will evolve around them…ive yet to face the challenge of motherhood thou I do adore kids…seeing close frens with theirs..i admire their patience& tolerance. I don’t know if I had one..would I ever be able to cope…but one thing good is I have a lot of mentors that I can take tips from….thanks guys for the visit really appreciate it..twas sad that u couldn’t spend more time…

On Sat we were headed to Kuala Selangor to attend a wedding of my colleague..just a few minutes upon entering NKVE hubby’s car aircond was off..i thot the aircond gas was out.. few minutes after …hubby cursed..Sh*t.!!!.the car tempreture was nearing max..luckily we were just a little shorter than 1km near the Sg Buloh R&R.. we stopped…turns out that the radiator host burst …we were stranded at the R&R for almost an hour kill time I had baskin & robbins..(hheheh sempat)..then we had to hunt for the nearest workshop..which meant we had to turn back…w/o aircond n move fast so that the car wud not overheat n cease the engine….

To cut the story short… Our nearest workshop was at TTDI which was around 15km away from Sg Buloh R& took us almost 5 hrs to get there..the weather went from unbearable heat to downpour with additional lightning..i had the sauna of my life in the car…I was in my nyonya kebaya for god’s sake!!!..WE started off giggling it off until we we’re hardly talking to each other..there was no fight just us fighting ourselves from cracking…all in all we had to stop at 7 locations…thank god for my BIL..who came to the rescue..if not for him I couldn’t imagine how many more hours we had to put up with …it didn’t help that it was the weekend after CNY so most workshops were stll was BIL who searched all over for an opened w/shop for us to head straight to… alas..PROBLEM FIXED!!!!

On Sunday..had a wedding in KJ then checked in to CROWNE PLAZA KL (yes it’s the one opposite my office)..Apparently my other half had signed up with a priority privilege program which gave out complimentary vouchers.. a free one night stay at the hotel was one of the privileges. Thumbs up for the interior of the room…the hotel had just been’s a pity we had no cameras with us.. (have yet to buy one..) my phone had no camera n hubby’s camera pixel was just 1.3 so the outcome wudn’t be that nice…

Accompanied hubby to his soccer match at MARDI UPM..then had dinner at Planet Hollywood while watching ELLA perform…Watching ELLA perform that night was our main agenda which led to dinner and our stay at the n tasha’s idea actually heheh dragging our other halfs with us..but K. ELLA rocked and it was a very2 entertaining performace..Joe Wings was the lead guitarist..alongside the ever soo cute Edrie Hashim on rhythm goodness isn’t he darn cute!!!.(syg ur still #1)…a whole bunch of local artist was there..but the performance was just great..even hubby agreed…ELLA still rocks n looks stunning at 41…she’s just so petite!!!!…the place was packed…n we enjoyed it.. me especially RM40 for 2 and a half hour performance was worth it!!

And to top it off I only had to cross the road from our hotel to office yesterday morning after having a very good nights sleep in the ever soo comforting bed…..that put the cherry on top of my adventures weekend..


My absence from the blogging world is not just due to my sesi luahan hati wif hubby dearest only…its bcoz im too exhausted to write an entry….i really need supplements..can anyone suggest supplements that can boost u up….driving thru traffic can be a real misery…

I need to find a new workpace I guess…the pay is sooo ciput here..n the traffic from my hse to office is sooo horrendous…but changing workplace means changing new enviroment..what if I don’t like it there..what if I have to come home late…arghhhh!!!!!!!!….those days are over..i used to live my life on highways n at the’s been a while since!!..i opted to look after projects that don’t require me to travel as much nowadays…but I’m constantly in and out of meetings n dump wif paper work…Contemplating to deposit my resume at other places..the thing that’s stopping me is the conducive environment here…n of course the perks….i have 25 days Annual Leave..2 years more than it’ll be 30…medically covered…RM3k maternity for normal birth n RM5k for ceaserean up to five occasion….(this part to me is the best..) nanti sian hubby kena fork out his own money wen I need to give birth..i know elsewhere pun ada..but when u’r used to the procedures’s a bit tough..kerja if melambak punhere I just close one eye n go home…

I enjoy my time at home…I get to do stuff that I like…decorating…its just my thing…wish I had more budget for me to splurge on deco’s….our place is not a place where ur first expression wud be WAAaaaaaaaaaah..heheh but to me n hubby its comfy n I’m trying my best not to over spend n buy stuff that r expensive…the only thing that hubby bought is our bedroom furniture…while I only bought the kitchen cupboard n stove cupboard..the rest were from our previous single loft…thank god the basic stuff dah ada if not where we’re gonna fork out the money to buy all the furniture and appliances…

Before I end my entry I’m gone tell u bout our NEIGHBOURS…which are worlds apart..the one on our right a Chinese lady living wif her brother…she is ever soo friendly..not the kepoh2 type..the one u can trust that’ll help u look after ur hse n will tell u even the slightest change of things she notices that doesn’t seem right…she’s a police inspector btw!!!..the neighbor on our left, family wif a 3 or 4 teenage daughters..the father however..has a “BIG FAT ATTITUDE”… the size of his tummy…never even nod to acknowledge us since the day we moved in which is about a month now thou he spends his evening outside…I once asked hubby..”if our next door neighbour is in some sort of emergency n they cried u thk we shoud attend to them???”what a Q…… n how evil of me…

Sweet escape...

My daily routine has swifted rapidly from morning chirps to upbeat salsa…seconds mean everything to me now..i..we’ve finally moved into our new home in USJ...its not flashy nor luxuriously decorated..but to us its comfy n warm….but the downside of it is that since moving..i have to wake up xtra2 the morning to travel for an average 1 hr 15 minutes to get to my office…the traffic is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hectic…there’s actually 5 access out of USJ to KL..3 with tolls n 2 w/o..tried all but surprise..suprise the time clocked on every 4 routes are the same..from home to office…differing by a fraction if 5-7 I’ve decide to stick with one route which is less depressing..f/more the toll is not cheap one RM 2.60 the other RM 3.20!!! The only route I did not even have the interest to try is KESAS due to the toll price which to me is damn ridicoulous..RM4.40 that plus my toll back home RM3.20 equals RM 7.60 on toll only..walllauwei..!!!! if I’m earning more than RM5k then that could be considered…for now waking up early Is the best resort..Try imagining driving on average 20 km/h for 1hr 15 minutes on a manual car!!! My ankle hurts by the time I reach the office…to change my wheels is a definitely NO NO for now…Nowadays my eyes start to droop by 10 and at 11pm I can barely bat an eyelid…it doesn’t help that hubby is normally still sound asleep when I head off to work…nevertheless I am thankful that he has the kind thought and effort to do the hse chores here n there….if not I’d be half crazy..i could not imagine myself at this stage juggling with this routine with a baby in tow..HELP!!!!..i hope maid is not the only way out..i am not a fan of live in maids…

I’m hooked on gwen’s new song The sweet escape..if it’s aired during my looooooooong depressing , cursing drive to just makes my morning…must get the cd..hehhee


If I could escapeI would,
but first of all let me say
I must apologize for acting,
stinking, treating you this way
Cause I've been acting like sour milk
fell on the floor
It's your fault you didn't shut
the refridgerator
Maybe that's the reason
I've been acting so cold

If I could escape
And re-create a place as my own world
And I could be your favorite girl
Forever, perfectly together
Tell me boy, now wouldn't that be sweet?

If I could be sweet
I know I've been a real bad girl
I didn't mean for you to get hurt
Forever, we can make it better
Tell me boy,
Now wouldn't that be sweet?
Sweet escape

You let me down
I'm at my lowest boiling point
Come help me out
I need to get me out of this joint
Come on, let's bounce
Counting on you to turn me around
Instead of clowning around for some common ground

So baby, times getting a little crazy
I've been getting a little lazy
Waiting for you to come save me
I can see that you're angry
By the way the you treat me
Hopefully you don't leave me
Want to take you with me

If I could escape
And re-create a place as my own world
And I could be your favorite girl
Forever, perfectly together
Tell me boy, now wouldn't that be sweet?
If I could be sweet
I know I've been a real bad girl
I didn't mean for you to get hurt
Forever, we can make it better
Tell me boy, now wouldn't that be sweet?
Sweet escape


8:15 Wake up to hugs and kisses
8:30 Weigh-in 2 kgs lighter than yesterday
8:45 Breakfast in bed—freshly squeezed orange juice and
croissants; open presents- expensive jewellery chosen by
thoughtful partner
9:15 Soothing hot bath with frangipani bath oil
10:00 Light work-out at club with sexy, funny personal trainer
10:30 Facial, manicure, makeup application, shampoo, condition,
blow wave
12:00 Lunch with best friend at fashionable outdoor café
12:45 Catch sight of partner’s ex and notice that she has gained
17 kgs
1:00 Shopping with friends: unlimited credit
3:00 Nap
4:00 Three dozen roses delivered by florist; card is from
secret admirer
4:15 Massage from strong but gentle hunk—says he rarely gets
to work on such a perfect body
5:30 Choose outfit from expensive designer wardrobe
7:30 Candlelit dinner for two followed by dancing, with compliments
received from other diners/ dancers
10:00 Hot shower- alone
10:50 Carried to bed… freshly ironed, crisp, white linen
11:00 Pillow talk, light touching and cuddling
11:15 Fall asleep in his big, strong arms

6:00 Alarm
6:15 Blow job
6:30 Massive, satisfying shit while reading the sports section
7:00 Breakfast—steak and eggs, coffee and toast—all cooked by naked,
buxom wench who bends over a lot showing her growler
7:30 Limo arrives
7:45 Several beers en route to the airport
9:15 Flight in personal Lear jet
9:30 Limo to Mirage Resort Golf Club (blow job en-route)
9:45 Play front nine (2 under par)
11:45 Lunch—steak and lobster, 3 beers and bottle of Dom Perignon
12:15 Blow job
12:30 Play back nine (4 under)
2:15 Limo back to airport (several bourbons)
2:30 Fly to Bahamas
3:30 Late afternoon fishing expedition with all-female crew, all nude
who also bend over a lot showing their growlers
4:30 Land world record Marlin (1234lbs)—on light tackle
5:00 Fly home, massage and hand job by naked Elle MacPherson
(bending over showing her growler, naturally)
6:45 Shit, shower and shave
7:00 Watch news—Michael Jackson assassinated
7:30 Dinner—lobster appetisers, Dom Perignon (1953), big juicy
fillet steak followed by ice cream served on a big pair of tits
9:00 Napoleon Brandy and Habanos cigars in front of wall-sized TV
as you watch football game
9:30 Sex with three women, all with lesbian tendencies
11:00 Massage and Jacuzzi with tasty pizza snacks and a cleansing beer
11:30 Night-cap blow job
11:45 In bed alone
11:50 A 22-second fart which changes note 4 times and forces the dog to leave the room
11:51 Laugh yourself to sleep