Last Years Wishlist

Was going thru my archives and came across this particular entry made me smile.. y..because i wrote it like a year plus b4..n within this period..i cud tick off most of the items i wished for..hehe

1. Digital Camera (checked)
2. A nice pair of shades..(the one i saw @ GUCCI perhaps)..;-P (checked..thou not GUCCI)
3. Sling bag n slippers (this one i thk im able to afford b4 my trip..) ( bought me a sling bag from her trip to Italy..)
4. Handbag for work...this one seriously in need of.. (checked..dah nak lunyai pon..hehe)
5. Black strap sandles....Eying Rockpot (Checked..not black thou..)
6. A new car..kakakakaka which is automatic..driving to KL is soooo stressful..a Beamer perhaps (keep on dreaming...) (SERIOUSLY..DREAM ONN or check back within 5 years time thou i dont hav to go thru the KL traffic anymore n im driving an Auto car..(achievment gak tu))
7. A maid to do our ironing..kekeke (CHECKED!!!!!!!!!!! SOOOOO HAPPY)
8. Lots n lots of pretty frocks for weddings..i keep wearing the same attire for every occasion (sian kita..x mampu nak pay for the tailoring services too xpensive ..) (alhamdulillah..i have a growing wardrobe)

So having a wishlist is not bad at all....God knows best..we never know what the future holds for us..the most important thing stay positive n take each day at a time..hehe ) nath pape je merepek...

DIGI baby...

i will follow u...follow u wherever u may go...

i had the oppertunity to go to the metrojaya warehouse sale last thursday...thou my SIL beat me to it...hehe n i had to rush home ASAP.. but 1 hour was enuff for me to burn my $$$...the best catch has to be buying my padawans pj's.. i bought a handfull all for oni RM44.50 (ill upload the photo's later) as u all a sucker for bargains..hehe..

My DIGI man..(can u believe that this sleepsuit oni cost best..hehe)

My dear padawan had a fever the next i asked my maid to monitor the guy's tempreture...upon arriving home...i saw my padawan in his new yellow sleep suit..he looked just ike the DIGI-man...he was soo cute..(to me lah)..thou his tempreture was quite high 39.0.. i decided to visit our GP...verdict: mite be he's teething...

Apparently the next day his temperature stayed within the range of 38.3-39.0 it rose to 39.9 by nite..i was praying for the 6 hours interval to past quickly as the GP told me that u need to wait till 6 hrs before u can give him the butt medication after the oral medication..(n oni once within 24 hours)..after numerous attempts the capsule went in..n i took him to our room..full blasted the aircond...n oso sponge my padawan..stuck kool-fever on his head..then oni the temperature started gowing parents (who was at my place) kept saying need to panic..they said harris looked fine..but of course i panic..he's never had a high fever n the basic rule i learned is that for kids 6 months and above if the tempreture reaches 39.4 we should make it go down fast..alhamdulillah next day..his fever vanished..but i made him stay at home n didn't bring him anywhere for the fear that the heat n open hse activity wud trigger the fever back..

So on was back to open hse..n this time at my uncles in Bkt Jelutong..thot it was oni for close frens n relative..didn't know he invited 1k++ gust..mcm kenduri kawin..hahha there were numerous stalls..even mee rebus baidali was there..n because i took care of my darling padawan..i ended up getting a bad flu...n its still with me..huhuhu

I SOooo Lurve this

Im soooooo in Love with this song...dedicated to the love of my life...

Weekend Part 2

My school frens n i had Raya Potluck Open HSe at moi's crib last sunday..we had a blast..or atleast i thot it was a blast...n terror2 rupanya my frens ni...yg paling terror was of course to her..she made nasi ayam and oso laksa johor...Hats off to her.. ooh n not forgetting the nice keny rogjie...sedop gilos from dapur gjie..siap gravy, mashed potato n salad tu...

The spread..yummylicious...

The others oso contributed to the vast spread...the food were all nice n yummy...the kids we're fully recharged..running here n there..n don't worry unc. rizal was in his sporting mode...

The gurls
awie was still otw at this point of time n so were kay n sarah..not forgetting yanti n nadesh..(ntah sapa lah g call me at that time)

(ikek yg suka gomol babies..)

The kids heaven..yea..ampain kain pun jadi...

It was really fun having u guys over..after 17 years of frenship..i love u guys..n we can do this often..for more entries on this pls visit here and here

One for the camera

Hope will be like these even wen we hit 70 yrs of age..heheh

Doakan ye...

Thanks for coming u guys..weezal says "apsal cepat sgt balik... ;P

Weekend Part 1

Since im unable to download Picasa at d office i cant compile the photo's at one go..thus i have to break this weeks ramblings in two entries..if not i'tll be endless.. The anticipated weekend started off with attending the solemnization of weezal's cuzzie at Beverly Heights...
Twas a simple affair..but i adored the bride's outfit to bits..done by the famous Jovian who is oso a good fren of hers...

The glowing bride...(pic credit from azra's cam)

My padawan behaved extremely well that me had a good time...he even met up with "Abg Impak Maksima"..who is oso a very2 good fren of the bride..

"u soo look familiar..."

"naah..could b somebody else..."

We had a good time..

Then after a few open hse on Saturday we attended the reception that nite... and again I fell in love with the bride's gown..designed by....u know who...he's designs r magic..c for urself..
(photo taken from my SIL photo ta cantik...)

Below r the photo's of once upon a time bride n groom at this nice reception..(wearing their reception attire oso..hehe)

PotLuck Open Hse

As u guys are well informed..there' ll b an open hse potluck at my place done together wif ma school betsie's.. the details r as listed pls..pls do come my SMSJ'ians friends including the juniors hajja, iera..wawa..ezra..(yg lain nak dtg..dtglah..dah nama pon open hse) kang ckp tuan rumah x sy mintak maaf dahulu jika tak sempurna..maklumlah rumah cinonet..hehe n biasalah baru nak mula very basic lah...

PotLuck Open Hse
Date : 19 October 2008 (Sunday)
Time : 1230 pm
Venue : USJ
(pls sms for details..xkan nak publish add kat sini kot)

Ur attendance is greatly appreciated

Why..oooh why...

Ok..I wanna update..but as usual am tooo lazy plus finding bloghopping more enticing...i guess its human nature that we always complain about our life..not money..endless workload..piling chores...having unsatidfied material needs ...LV..FENDI...PRADA..HERMES..TODS?? wher r u in my wardrobe? others hav u..while I don't..sigh..sigh..sigh..and as a normal human being oso we always tend to compare with the likes of us..or those who have more than us rather than those who think owning a BONIA is something... mind u..don't be offended when i say BONIA..BONIA is an expensive brand nowadays..u can easily see RM700 on thier price tags.. n my mom has a couple of BONIA bags.. just that the dotter loves to eye for more exorbitant labels..konon more exquisite la the design..and the mother n fatherr debt free while the dotter is ..well lets not get into that subject.. in simple i wish i could follow in her footsteps on this.. ni not like mother like dotter..

A friend of mine mention the other day..the not soo best part of acquiring designer handbags is the fact that even Liz Clairborne (LC) seems unappealing anymore...she used to love LC..well to my dear fren.. u hit that note rite..I myself used to love LC's design..(LC..hehe is oso my wedding caterer..haha setapp!!!!(out of context jap)) the designs r nice n the price is soo affordable..same goes wen u start to buy jewellary at SELBRAN (ni my case lah)..the Poh Kong..TOMEI n gang all hav the same fate e as LC..where as..they sell nice jewellary too..duh!! It's hard wen u set a standard for urself..I went into JEDAN at PKNS yesterday browsing thru their baju kurung..I fell in love with a few of thier designs..price tag RM18**!!! ...can u imagine if we start buying our baju kurung at that price tag?? maybe u guys tak lah kot..but me..nanti yg RM200 Baju kurung will seem all plain..thank god I brought my sanity along... I still wear the below RM50 baju kurung to work n it does not bother me if ppl say its still comfortable in it.. I wear pass down MIL gave me a lot of her clothes that she cud not fit in..n im ok with it..on that part..Im still ok..alhamdulillah..the only part that I wish I could churn back is the obsession on designer handbasg n jewellary.. Im still ok with cheap shoes but,,hehe there's a but..providing that it comes from a reputable brand..i'd anyday buy shoes that cost RM20 from Vincci or the sort rather than RM 20 from.. the xyz label..

i hope that one day if I have a dotter..she will not follow in my footsteps..hope she'd be more like her tok mama in this sense rather than a bad influence..haha these things r heridity...

P/s : just ignore my ramblings..tah hape2..must b PMS....

Kisah Raya dengan sehelai baju kurung hijau

Before i get to the raya-raya story, i'd like to share with u guys about my Baju Raya story..u know how hard it is to get a good tailor without having to pay a bomb for thier services..apparently my tailor is in JB..n her charges for me had never changed from my secondary school days till now..but the prob is how often do we go back to Jb..n the fact that Im carrying post pregnancy weight does not help at all..I had to alter my baju numerous times..still my recent Baju raya looks 'gedoboh'..mana taknya measure in April..nak pakai Oktober..i'd lost a few kilos along the way...sigh..sigh..anyway nak stroy pasal baju lain..not this one..

I scouted out for a few tailors n ended up at a boutique called Anggun in PKNS...(i have to reveal the name coz sakit hati sgt) i asked bila boleh siap..dia ckp a week before 2 weeks before i called the tailor...(manalalah normal tailor normally siapkan baju before time..) so she said.."lum siap week siap"... so the last week before raya..i called like 3 or 4 times..she kept meddling with the date...i did tell going back this she said ok..ok..the last date yang she gave me..ambik after maghrib on friday..(ni pon after ntah brapa kali i called...) so i pon dok question myself..lambat sgt ke aku hantar...when i went there with hubby after maghrib the tailor was not i tanya lah staff yang lain..dgn selambanya ckp.."tak siap lagi lah kak...." (sambil tunjuk..pieces of kain yg baru dipotong...) aku n hubby pon nak naik angin lah..called the tailor she said.."jalan-jalan lah dulu within 45 mins siap" walaupon i did not believe she cud finish n hubby jalan2 lah dulu..then after an hour we came back..betul pon x siap..we waited kat sana until 11pm..PON TAK SIAP..weeezal x yah cita lah dah kuar asap kat telinga..smpai fed up..dia ckp "hantar kat rumah lah..tau tak we all nak balik dah.." dia ngan muka selamba ckp..ok..ok.. Padahal baju yg i hantar buat tu bukan susah kurung bukannya suh letak beads ke apa..cuma ada lining je...DIA CHARGED RM150.00 oKKkk!!!!!

So at about 1 ish AM dia called nak hanta baju..sesat lak tu..suh aku amik kat Shell..mintak maaf, weezal kuar g fill up gas n all takdenya aku nak melayan last2 dia jumpa pon rumah..bukanya susah sgt...bila jumpa haram sorry pon xde n muka tersengih2..bila i mtk reduction dia kurangkan RM20 je...aku malah nak gaduh so masuk rumah tgk jahitan dia mmg nak menyirap lah ngan cutting x betul n all..imagine 3/4 jam nya kerja nak charge aku RM130...uish mmg i texted her the next day ckp ill send the baju back by sunday 5th..dia pon reply ok....come monday 6th aku pon pergilah nak alter..smpai kat kedai TUTUP!!!!!! WTF!!! aku mmg angin lah..ckp lah awal2 ko tutup!!! mghabiskan minyak gua je...try calling her..ntah ulu mana dia dok xde signal lah plak..huish..tahap kesabaran ku yang slalunya indicatornya paling max susah nak jejak dah smpai la ni tak hantar alter..saturday ni kot..bwk hubby biak dia bebel sket..lakiku kan cengih! Endingnya x pakai pon baju tu..

Bcoz my entry on my baju raya panjang sgt u guys enjoy lah pics of my raya ye..We raya in JB the first day at my parents..then we went to my in laws..then visit weezal's tok on his mom's side then we scooted off to muar...(yoHoooo!!).. harrs cranky lah during raya..nak melekat aje..tensen gue...hehhe..maybe becoz terkejut tgk banyak sgt new faces kot...

Us minus the lil' one

meet the parents

Us with mak n ayah..

My crancky lil boy in the car..nak balik MUO...

2nd raya mmg sgt meriah lah bcoz we had sort off like an open hse at my uncles n org mmg MAHA maid smpai xleh nak bercakap punyalah dia penat..sian pulak i tgk..esok nya dia terus demam..
(we all mmg raya kat my uncles not my grandma's, umah grandma utk tido je..activity berpusat semua kat sini)..

My cuzzies n bro aka the rewang team..

The tent outside my uncles'

Then malam we all went to my tok sedara's pon tradition every second raya buat celebration..kat kg. Pinang Seribu..actually my grandma was born ere n oso grew up here smpai lah dia wed my arwah atok..the hse is called Istana Hinggap n penah masuk ASTRO pasal tempat2 sejarah ke..lupa (.my great grand father baik ngan Sultan Johor so according to my tok..Sultan selalu singgah umah dia ni..

Istana Hinggap

The coloniol bungalow

The scene inside the tent ..packed..(semua sedara mara..but yet i x kenal pon semua!)

My relatives on my grandma's side mmg ramai..My great grand fatehr had 5 wives (no.. he did not marry all at died married another... camtulah...) so my grandma had like berbelas2 adik beradik n one of my grandma's brother had 17 chlidren or was it 21 this children lah yg dok istana hinggap ni n thier siblings lah yg organise year by year ths grandma had 7 children yang lain pon lebeh kurang so that is how BIG my family is..hehhe mg x kenal semua kalau langgar bahu haram leh bertumbuk kot...

Third Raya balik KL coz my father's brother tak brapa sihat dah warded in Gleneagles for a months we headed back KL n tinggalkan Muar..huhu sedey plak balik cepat... 4th day g visit Weezal's tok n relatives...

Us with Tok Miah

Oklah sbb dah panjang berjela sgt my entry,,will continue with more raya stories in my next entry..before that we'd like to wish all (including my silent readers)


Datang lah rumah saya kalau sudi..sentiasa tebuka

nak update..

nak update..but too much work...sabar ye ppl..hehhe