Olla folks...

Dah Raya ke 19 baru nak terkedek2 upload..hihi...seeing that my blog dah mcm nak mati..i decided to do a quickie update..im alive..ppl..its hard to hide when u look like a hippo..im in my 35th goin to 36th week.... another 4-5weeks..mcm dah tak larat....been walking like a zombie penguin..hahah tp makan tetap larat...hihih

So anyway Selamat Hari Raya to all..n kalau sudi...pls come over to my crib...Last but not least..here's the only raya photo we took ths year itu pon kat PIL..ngan my parents pon xde..huhuh sedeynya..bley??..hahah ths was on the first day..gambar ber tiga pon xde....sedeykan...n yes..look..at how big i am..urghh...xpelah pasrah...hahah

p/s : harris just learned how to do the peace sign..hihih