juzz a brief update..

Im quite in the mood to update my blog today…a brief recap of wat’s been happening around my world…been soo bz distributing cards ie; mailing n by hand….till ths day..still got a handful to distribute..been constantly updating my checklist n budget list… in hope that nothing important will be left out n that I have sufficient funds to survive the aftermath of the whole celebration..heheh

Had my facial hair remove yesterday morning at an Indian beauty shop..using thread…ouch!!! It hurts speacially on the upper lip part..thanks to tasha for accompanying me.. i know its two weeks away..n the hairs are bound to grow..but thru consultation…it is wise to have it done first as it may cause breakouts n rashes..so if I do it now..it allows time for anything to subside..the lady owner told me to do eyebrow plucking as well….i declined…I’m sticking to doing it on the day itself.. …for facial..hmmm haven’t been to any beauty salon nor do I intend to..i thk im quite content with my RM1.30 beauty ritual..lathering my face with cinnamon once a week…I recieved a lot of positive comments since I started this ritual..even my boss asked me..heheh..i thk it suits my face..but I must warn u guys..not all skin types can undergo this self treatment..my friend tried it..end up MC for three days as her face swelled up..

Me & Weezal had hi-tea wif Mrs Kay n cheeky Jib @ the Curve…Jib was soo adorable..cheeky..rasa cam nak tarik2 je his cheeks..heheh..Kay was somewhat stunned upon seeing my new look…actually started during raya…Y? guess for me its time..god has given me a lot of things that most people only dream off..its just my way of trying to start a new life..the right way!!..insyallah…

4 days left to work b4 I start my holiday.... I have to vacate my room at home by this Friday..amidst all the hectic stuff im facing!!!..its soo tiring..i have eye bags that’s obvious..huhu an effect of..insufficient rest…I can’t dump my stuff at my new residence as the current tenant is still in search of a new place….i believe me n my weezal have to have the hse refurbish..thou im only renting it..we prefer to have the place nice n comfy…

I thk that wraps up my entry for this time…till I have time…take care..n do come to m reception guys..


Life has been soo hectic..work has never been so overloaded…files are here n there on my desk..how I cannot wait for my long hols!!!…I know I won’t have much rest during it..but atleast I’ll be doing something else...instead of endless reports..checklist…meeting contractors…(i’ve met soo many of them to the extent I’m lost in identifying which company their attched too)..it’s embrassing sometimes wen they smile gleefully at u..adressing ur name..wen I cannot even recall wether I’ve met them!!! Duh!!!…but I guess it’s part of their job to acknowledge people that are beneficial to them…am I that beneficial??? God knows..hehe…

The news is loaded wif stories of Altantuya..not in the mood to elaborate..but one remark I heard was that my dear friends FIL..surely must be glad he’s out of the headlines…care to comment???...in a way it’s a good blessing in disguise that this Mongolian came into our headlines…at least my dear friend hubby and family can lay back…

On HAri RAya Open house..to my friends who invited me..thank you for ur kind invitation..and for those houses which I did not show up at..my heartiest sorry…been caught up wif endless family open houses n weddings which made my schedule very2 tight..i’ve yet had the chance to actually rest n get a good nights sleep…im beginning to get eye bags…Help me!!

Going back to JB ths weekend..to do fittings n final touch ups.. will be hoping to see some of you guys by next week..to littledewa..pls leave ur address in my comment box..n can someone also ask mayfa to do the same..thank you….till I hav the time to pour my heart out again..have a nice day....

p/s sayang..i cannot get my mind of californian rolls n sushi...heheh..yum..yum

Lost of Loved Ones

My heartiest condolences to Rozie for losing her beloved mother on 21st October 2006 and to Kay for the lost of her beloved grandmother...just to share with all of you, a poet written by Rozie's late mother Allahyarhamah Hajah Halimah Ismail, 3weeks before her passing...mailed to me by Rozie..


Bila jasad dalam genggaman ALLAH
Bila hati dalam kekuasaan ALLAH
Bila lidah kelu tidak dapat berkata-kata
Air mata menitis mengenang
Segala nikmat anugerah ALLAH
Inikah suratan
Yang patut disyukuri
Yang patut dinikmati
Masa yang sebentar ini
Masa yang terhad ini
Mencari keredhaan ALLAH
Walau cuma sesaat sahaja……

May all of us always remember that life in this world is momentarily...and all given is non permanent...life after is for eternity what we do here determines our after life...