ok..i wish to update..but the thing is nothing really pumps up my blog adrenaline now.. everything is soo monotonous...i have S**it load of work to be done..lets just leave it as that..

On the brighter side of things..My padawan will be ONE the 4th...oh my..how time flies..n his not a baby anymore...althou im living in denial as Im soo used to calling him "Baby..hav u eaten..u want susu..Baby nak sleep?..." yes ur mama is still hoping u wont grow up soo fast..I clearly remembered the stressfull phone calls to my buddies asking? "does this constant crying ever stop??" "do they nurse like every hour???" hehhehhe..gone r those days..n to those expecting thier first..The answers are "YES..gradually the constant crying n making u feel u wanna hurl up n just die in the closet will go away..."

Insyallah if #2 comes..(Which is not in the near future..so don't get all hype ok..I still have my Pregnancy weight..duh!!) Ill be better prepared..heheh..

N with his age turning 1, alhamdulillah..I will pass the one year mark of exclusively Breastfeeding my son..EXCEPT for twice the time I had to be away on a course..which till now I feel the guilt of having to supplement him due to my dumbness in not stocking my EBM during my confinement days..(thats wat u call cetek ilmu..hehhe) Im not here to boast or any of the sort..but its a life achievement for me..the best gift I can give my son..hopefully it will be of use in future....

There will be no major celebrations for my padawan..because I dont think its necessary..afterall what does he know about birthdays..but i'll definately buy a cake for fun to mark the day..(to those who do celebrate thier childs one year old birthday..pls don't get offended...me n hubby just feel that a party wont be necessary for now but i respect other ppls reason in having one..)

On the 8th..it'll be our anniversery...our 2nd..ye..baru 2 years married...n it falls spot on Raya Haji..a dual celebration..last year I was in my 4th day of Confinement..so I guess no romantic dinner of the sort..probably go to sembahyang Raya sama2..romantic gak tu...for those who know my man personally will know Romantic does not exist in his vocabulory...but im not complaing..but like the song Im soo into rite now...Im LUCKY to be with him...


hi folks..im letting go a few of my stuff n oso helping frens to let go off their stuff too...so feel fre to visit http://mysticalbargain.blogspot.com/ or click here

Mama work..harris play..

Had to attend a course on Contract Administration last Sunday at TBR..luckily they allocated room for the Executive levels n above so i cud bring bam bam..if not i wud hav declined going..

It was a 3 days 3 nights course n there were classes at nite too...so basically not much pleasure time...but in between manage to bring bambam swimming..his first...althou he was a bit reluctant at first to be in the water..but he became more relax the next day..


Its quite a comfortable place to be..the rooms are quite generous in terms of the space..the perks is that they have a huge swimming pool...aka waterpark...so thou they have numerous blocks of studio apartments..there's still room for everyone in the pool...the food was ok..not to say marvellous or splendid..but ok..edible.. the downside of it is that the resort was far**in far from PD town...20KM away ok...n the nearest petrol station was 10 km away...that was the the real downside of it..i had to drive 20km to n fro everyday to buy my maids dinner..hotel food was a bit on the expensive side..RM10 for nasi ayam..

To sum it up..if ur on a middle class budget..this is a place for u guys...

TBR has even got a kids playroom..n harris loved playing in it...

I think bambam really enjoyed the place as every opportunity i had to go back n check on him..he was asleep..both of them (my maid n bambam) kept dozing off..waah vacation betul derang ni..bambam even slept early everynite..930pm gone...very unlikely at home..normally he wud be cranky n want me to BF him first..here...he cud just doze off..magic...heheh

I sure hope hubby cud join us next time..we missed him while we were there...


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Muka gue yg tahap gaban ngantuk...tak pakai secalit make up hanya lip gloss...even bedak talcum pon ngak ada..tgklah mataku yg rabak...

And now....i am tagging these peeps.....pls be sporting okayyyy???.....hehe

1.My SIL (i knw u are sporting bebeh!)
2. Pure Evs... Sure radiant n glowy
3. K.Lita...(yg super duper awet muda..

*will update on PD trip esok...harini maleh..hihih

Mini Work Escape...

Im gonna be away ppl for a 3 days course..from 9th-12th..a mini gateway..will be bringing my excess baggage (padawan n fren) wif me..but hav to leave hubbs as he's working...will update wen i get back...


Several friends have requested for my triffle reciepe...not that im a great cook or what but since one of my friend came yesterday asking me to assist her in preparing it..n i promised another friend id blog it up..so here goes..it is the simplest easiest yummy dessert for u guys to try...I hav to give credit to my aunt who gave me the recipe... i just love how simple it is plus its soo heavenly nice..hehhe


Swiss Roll - 1 Roll
Jelly (my choice Nona) - 1 box
Fruit Cocktail - 1 tin
Evaporated Milk (i usually use Ideal) - 1 tin
Water - 1.5 tin
Sugar - 3/4 tablespoon
Custard (Birds) - 2.5/3 tablespoon

Whipped Cream -1 small box


1. Cut n lay the swiss roll on the base of the serving dish

2. Cook the jelly n let it cool down for 5 minutes.. then pour on top of the swiss roll layer (don't worry if ur swiss roll starts to get soggy..it's meant to be that way..)

3. For the custard..mix 1 tin of evaporated milk + 1.5 tin of water + 3-4 tablespoon sugar+2.5 tablespoon of custard.. cook the mixture..make sure u keep stirring till it boils...

4. Layer the fruit cocktail on top of the jelly...then after the custard has cooled off a bit (in abt 10 minutes) pour on top of fruit cocktail..

5. Done..it should look like this...u can put in the fridge..but pls let it cool of for at least 20 minutes...

6. For the xtra umph...whip some whipped cream n layer on top of it before serving...

p/s : This is my equation of a tablespoon..and the one i did for my friend was for a big group of ppl..but my ingredients r for 5-6 ppl...