Harris Mini Aqiqah

Last Weekend went back to JB..for harris mini Aqiqah..y it's mini..coz it was a very2 low key affair..x invite ramai pon..not that we didn't want to..... but it was kind of adhoc..aka short notice..due to my parents BZZZZNESS...imagine the night I went back (Friday) my mom was still not at home..she came back at almost 2am from work..bz preparing for the arrival of the two VVVVIP of the country..infact she had to be away on Saturday morning as well to entertain them..thank god the function was catered...

So amidst everythg the function went well and thank goodness harris behaved althou he was kind of stiff when weezal paraded him around the room..heheheh

haven't received the photos of him getting his hair cut thou...but here r the photos of the pre event, event n aftermath...btw thank god i found cupcakes at the very last moment...courtesy of Mama Lea Oven ..

Thankyou for frens who came..rozie n mancoi..wif cute n adorable icha(betul ke spelling) n hadeef yg malu2 konon..heheh mc karp n achik wif their kids...zakuan n qistina..
enjoy the pics..

Harris wif tok mama n nani


Mc Karp & Achik wif Qistina (ada terselit gambar hadeef)

Semejayens Boys..wif rozie's pride n joy...


Yours truly is BAD..BAD..BAD!!!! These r the damages done by moi within 2 days...


How can I not help it...sale here... there..everywhere u look..SALE..FURTHER REDUCTION...moi could not resist the offer...so there.. yours truly..could not satisfy for just ONE.. to HAD to hav the other...huaAAAAAAAA.................Damage..BIG TIME!!!!!!!!

So to chi chiong kai, I have to refrain myself from getting my investment bag just yet..maybe by year end..(grin..grin..) Im consoling myself here... .furthermore..the investment bag in mind is one of those classic..that never goes on sale..no reduction or what not..so in conjunction with the MEGA SALE..i have to b an opportunists n grab what might only happen once in a year....yada..yada..yada..

But damage done was not only by me...there's three of us..so im not all bad..am I?? Lady Q oso..n Miss N..we r all victims of the MEGA SALE....n all had to hav two..n could not satisfy for just one..sigh..sigh..sigh..bad bad me..so now i guess I hav to start fasting..as if!!!..hheheh

Oh on a nother note..another kg lost...checked yesterday..hallelujah!!!!!

meeting up in the hills..

I absouloutly love this photo..

I had a meeting last Friday..in Cameron Higlands..n b4 u all make judgements..it is a meeting related to the well being off Cameron..not any other meeting purposely held in Cameron for the benefit of others..it was held in MARDi btw..have to clarify this now in the state of kempen berbelanja secara Berhemah!!, yelah..who knows any tom,dick n harry could claim Govt meetings are still held in Hotels or tourist spots...

So hubby took a AL on Friday to be my driver for the day..I couldnt even imagine driving there..I am well aware that i get hilly drive sickness (is there such a term!!! heheh)..we opted to use the Simpang Pulai route...vs the tapah..as through my studies (dr google) they say simpang pulai's route is better...

Verdict: better definately but still i was dizzy when I reached the hotel...maybe bcoz all the way to the top it was raining...but thank god Harris behaved..he slept until we almost reached Brinchang..

We stayed a Strawberry Park..nothing to shout about..the hotel seems a bit run down..though it as clean..i really hoped they'd changed the bed sheets..i think they've been using them over n over for years..but other than that id give them 3 star...we stayed at the Tiago apartment..

My meeting was on friday morning..settled lunch time..so was able to jalan2..ooh b4 that..here r the pictures taken at strawberry park n believe me these r the only photo's of us that we took there...haha...

moi n harris

hubby n harris


harris x sabo nak jalan..

US again

the love of my life..

Basically we did'nt much go to the tourist parks..ie strawberry,tea,rose..but we did a little shopping..i went GA GA over the flower plants..i'll try upload the photo's tommorow..it was damn cheap..we did buy strawberrys but m'sian strawberry masam manis..unlike those in Uk..but nevertheless..Malaysia Boleh!! hahaha atleast ada lah strawberry..hehe

So after that a lot of pit stops to the roadside stall we made way downhill back to Simpang Pulai n on route to my aunts in Batu gajah...the journey downhill was much better..no dizziness...i would root that u guys take the Simpang pulai route for a much pleasent journey..heheh

All in all it was a nice break for us..though it was short but it really made us unwind...so now im planning for my next short trip..hhheheheeh

In 25ish years time....

Last weekend while driving around USJ..moi n hubby had ths little talk

Moi : Syg..do u think that we we will still reside here wen we retire?
Hubby : Entahlah shyg..yg penting...when we retire i'll still b with u..itu yg penting...

Ok don't throw up just yet...yeah im well aware that men can be sweet talkers...but it was a nice thought..specially wen it came out of the blue...a response that I did not expect..and it came from my better half...I really hope n pray that wen i retire we'll still b together weathering any storm..n i hope that wen i close my eyes for good..he'll be the one I'll get to spend my afterlife with..though sometimes i do wish i could strangle him to death..(pun..intended) and there r times n im sure there's more to come..... wen i just wish i could hang myself...(hehehe) but yeah..when i retire...I wanna spend my days with my beloved..wherever that may be...