The comments received from my previous entry somehow winded on the subject of MONEY..

And I believe we all hav our different perspective towards it… Coming from a middle class had never been a big issue in my household..not to say we had tons of it..but it never pinched me and my siblings to the extent that we had to wait till our parents pay cheque to get thgs…My parents are both government their pay were not humongous…albeit the fact that mom was working my dad footed all the bills for the family…We were considered lucky as my dad’s profession brought us abroad… I was born in UK alongside my youngest bro, got my primary education there till my dad got his Ph.D. Mothercare, Marks & Spencer, Debenhams, H&M, Bhs, were normal to us. Most of my shoes were Clarks..bcoz it was cheap..n I did’nt know the value of Bally coz mum had a number of them at home back then..

I was able to visit a lot of European countries at a young age, Holland, France, Swiss, Belgium W.Germany to name a few..but we did’nt travel in style, we slept at the camping site that were everywhere in Europe. We ate packed food, n simple meals to travel n get by country to country. I didn’t realize how lucky I was till I came back…Not many of my friends (primary) had the luxury to even travel…let alone heard of the labels I wore…

As I grew older, I realized that I had more privilege than my friends in terms of financial security, I may not hav a lot of cash in hand, but dad paid for my fees during my degree which helped al lot now, as I only had a fraction more to pay by myself.

Im also blessed to be married to someone who occasionally gives me nice stuff from labels I never thot id ever afford….I don’t drive a car that I can be proud of, of course sometimes I wish I cud have nicer wheels, but im thankful I only hav to pay a very low monthly installments as my parents put down quite a lot for my downpayment…I earn way way lower than what my friends are getting, infact a friend has doubled my salary…I don’t own a property n don’t hav the luxury to buy thgs on a regular basis…let alone buy designer labels handbags or shoes. But me n hubby occupy a modest house owned by my mom, n thou we do pay rent, it’s a lot lesser than the current rate…n I do have a tit bit of expensive jewellary, designer bags n shoes...but none of the above were purchased by me..(Obviously x mampu..)

I know that in a way money is important, it can make people smile, it can boost our self-confidence and it helps to have a little extra…but I also know thru experience that money can’t buy love or keep someone with u..if they want to leave..they will be it u have millions in ur bank account..n it wont expand the life of our love ones if it’s the end of their journey in this does help initiate a relationship..but it does not sustain it, Ive witness relationship of power, money, fame& beauty crumble infront of me..

I don’t see myself having a title in front of my name, but its ok…or having the luxury to drive super cars or even the mere beamer..but its ok..i know my friends will have bigger houses than me in the future..its ok..n maybe they’ll get to send their kids abroad while I may be the few people who hope they do well in order for them to get into National Uni..but again..its ok..bcoz as some may say I may seem too modest too be true(but this is what i truly feel)..i only hope for my life to be ok..debt free simple n can achieve what my parents have given me..if not more..n hope that I have a good health n life..even w/o $$$$$...n that the ppl I love will love me back for who I am…even thou I will age as time goes by…and maybe I feel this way becoz I had a pinch of everythg highs n lows….and to all of my friends…I don’t judge the way u feel about money as we all have different backgrounds, upbringing and way of life..i hope u all will succeed with ur family, career and achieve ur dreams..if u guys make it big..just don’t ever forget our friendship..

Honeymoon part TWO

Throut the holiday..we had breakfast & dinner on the deck of the hornbill restaurant which was superb during the evening as u can watch the sunset from afar...

met a very friendly neighbour elayne & dennis..(next to our villa) who turn out to be Subang Jaya's residents oso..they even hired a they were kind enuff to chauffer us around the island...

My lover..aka hubby sumhow tried to buy a cake for my birthday..but the hotel was kind enuff to give a complimentry cake for me which came is as a was put on our hotel room while we were out!! so all in all we had a fab time..n here r sumore photo's of us making a fool of ourselves on vacation!!...

I hope we can hav another vacation soon..

Blogger Buzz: Post to the Blogger beta from Picasa

Blogger Buzz: Post to the Blogger beta from Picasa

Honeymoon Part One

Life had been a little over the top for me since I came back from my vacation hence updating my blog has been put aside..just returned from Bt Gajah Perak yesterday, grandma or I call her maktok had been ill..not exactly sick or what but she had been very2 weak n fraile… (even the thot of her makes me wanna cry buckets)…but she’s recovering…twas just a mere fever…but as we grow older I guess it takes a heck of time n pace for us to regain our health back… I’m very close to her as she brought me up the first few years of my childhood as my mom abandon me(heheh no..lah) for her studies…she was like a second mom to me..i hope u guys can pray that she’ll be well soon…I just feel like being by her bedside all the time..luckily my bro is on holidays so he’s helping my aunt care for her…

Back to my vacation update..aka honeymoon…it turned out to be a very enjoyable one..
We checked in at the hotel mini reception at Lumut jetty n was brought to the hotel (Pangkor Island Beach Resort) via their point our baggage was taken care of from this point n was delivered to our room upon arrival..

Upon a nice welcoming entrĂ©e complete wif drinks..we checked in at the counter and was told that we had been upgraded to the villa..the best rooms of the hotel..there were only 12 villas n the best part is no kids were allowed in our area…Our villa aka as the chalet was called Seri Pagi.. It was damn spacious..had a huge bath tub but the icing on the cake was that it had an outdoor shower that was damn fab. We had a private patio n our portion of the beach was secluded from the rest of the guest..but the beach never got too crowded thou it was fully occupied throughout our 3 nights stay…we were given 6 cans of carbonated drinks alongside with 2 mineral water replenished daily complimentary from the hotel… We were also greeted with a WELCOME sign made from small cute flowers(forgot the name of it ) on our bed…

ive uploaded some photo's for u guys viewing..

will update sum more in my next entry...

The entrance to our villa

Me on the foyer

lepak area

The outdor shower..superb..

Preview of our honeymooooon............

will update u guys on my wonderful my next entry..for now enjoy the view of the place we stayed in..The Villa