The Final Showdown

It’s a Friday…Fridays always lift up my sour mood of the week…the final showdown on World Cup 2006 will b ths weekend….really Hope d Azzurri will hold the trophy of Glory….will make sure I’ll drunk myself in endless coffee’s n cuppacino’s to keep me awake thru the finals..thank God it’ll be in the wee hours of Sunday morning…..

Am praying that Juergen klinsmann team will send the Portugal squad speechless on their flight home…I’ve never hated a team ths way..the sight of C.Ronaldo makes me sick….glad to read somewhere that he was booed throut his France game…hahaha France?? ..never ever fancied the French team..althou they have Henry..Zizou..n/theless hav nothing againts them..really hope the Finals will not lead to a penalty…Italy r a bit rusty n gawky in ths area…am praying that TOTTI will not hang his boots on International football after ths…I’ll miss him…’ll be life after World soon?? Just getting into the mood…well good things have to end….it’ll b back to normal days..hav to wait another 4 years in S.Africa for the next WC.can’t wait for the Euro beginning to like International football!! Hehe pun fiancĂ© will be back wif his endless EPL matches..AF4 must be delighted the attention of m’sian viewers will b reverted back to them..dunno y..but I never can concentrate on the endless week to week concerts +diaries of them...nothing really triggers me to watch it..maybe it’s not my stuff..but I admit I will make a point to watch the finals of AF4…just for the fun of it..thou I don’t follow the series…my instinct tells me AF 4 is not as exciting n entertaining as the previous AF…care to comment anyone

To ITALIAN Fans….Hail The Azzuri’s………..