So i finally managed to allocate TIME to watch it....not at the movies thou..anticipated that much wud b take on it: I LUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRRVEEE it!!! maybe bcoz im an avid follower of the series..I fell in love wif the deco of carrie's refurbished apartment..I love cyan..

I love how the story ended..thou was disappointed that samantha left jared..n he did'nt even try to stop her.....then I wish that Lily (hahaha my maids name) wud have had more dialogue... On another note i didn't quite like Carrie in her wedding gown..firstly bcause i didn't fancy the gown n secondly WHATS WITH THE FEATHERS/BIRD!!!!

But i loved her manolo's ...Im droooling here...hehehehh ..wished Big n Carrie married in style as oppose to City hall..hahahah

I believe in our lives we hav these 4 characters of friends thou i can't thk of any of my friends that can fit into Carrie's shoe especially in the sense of her style and easy spirit....but it doesn't matter...If u give a thought..all of us have 4 set of friends that r uniquely different but stick together thru thick n thin...may u cherish these friends coz ull never know when ull need them..

I hope they'll b a sequel...some say they foru guys who need to distress I recommend u to watch it!!!