From the small kitchen of mrs. rizal..

hi folks..happy sure ur all in slooopy mood unless ur not fasting..hehhe so wat did u guys have for ur buka feast yesterday?

mine was all cooked by moi..bangga ni..hehheh walaupon x parents r in town so I invited them over for buka yesterday.. I managed to serve them Popiah goreng..(had to make 2 versions...) one specially for hubby as he's not use to have the fillings like my mom makes..had to call MIL for the sambal reciepe ( that lousy in the kitchen dept...but takpelah kan..x tau tanya..!)

this is my typical filling..for hubby's version gotta have cabbage n long beans

home made popiah..mind the vadeh(is this how u spell it??) brought by mom..hubby likes it soo much that mom always buys it if she's from bangi..

Then we had spaghetti bolegnese..for our main course n finally triffle for dessert...all conjured by me..(yelah..thou there's always the recipe for guidelines...u hav to b a bot more creative to get the edge..heheh) but sorry folks..forgot to snap photos as i was too busy munching....ooh n i forgot to add..i took a solid 5hours to settle all...(i know..i know..LEMBAPnya..hehe im still an amatur in the cooking dept..sigh)

now i dunno wat to cook today..coz of the limited time back from work to buka time...wat can i cook in 2 hrs aside from fried egg n sardines??



bam..bam watching BEE MOVIE with papa B4 bedtime..soo cute (to me lah..)heheh