56 to 58.......

My dad was to retire ths coming 14 August...initially he will still be working for UTM but on contract basis (that's the benefit of being an academician...ur service grows with ur age unlike other professions...after 56 ur expertise goes down the hill..(Read: they don't need u anymore)

Being on a contract basis..will entitle my dad to get his pension + his normal pay including all the hobbits of allowances (
sgt best!!) it seems ur actuallygonna get 1.5 more of ur pay..but actually NO..just slightly more..(gomen pandai..xkan nak bayar gaji lebeh2..so they'll cut here n there lah..so basically he'll get a fraction more lah..)

But all that took a huge turn last weekend when Pak Lah announced that the mandatory retirement age for Civil Servants will be extended to 58 effective 1st July 2008...so kapush!!! ..my dad does not have to retire afterall...
still good n kicking in service..thou he won't get the xtra out of contract but i believe its ok..afterall all he's debt free now...n Im happy (ths part my hubby x suka..hehhehe) Y bcoz being the only daughter im still my father's little gurl ...only now my dad could spend a little more on us..after all the hard work..in a way i know he couldn't give me a lot wen i was still his responsibility( althou i did'nt face hardship thruot...just that luxury was not an option)...now that he can...Im married with a child...so I guess in a way he still helps me out thou i never ask...he would all of a sudden give me $$..or pay for somethg....heheh its nice to hav daddy's help once in a while..

So in other words Im benefiting now that the retirement age has been extended...n it applies to me too..thou i hope i don't hav to slog myself to work till Im 58..heheheh