Lost of Loved Ones

My heartiest condolences to Rozie for losing her beloved mother on 21st October 2006 and to Kay for the lost of her beloved grandmother...just to share with all of you, a poet written by Rozie's late mother Allahyarhamah Hajah Halimah Ismail, 3weeks before her passing...mailed to me by Rozie..


Bila jasad dalam genggaman ALLAH
Bila hati dalam kekuasaan ALLAH
Bila lidah kelu tidak dapat berkata-kata
Air mata menitis mengenang
Segala nikmat anugerah ALLAH
Inikah suratan
Yang patut disyukuri
Yang patut dinikmati
Masa yang sebentar ini
Masa yang terhad ini
Mencari keredhaan ALLAH
Walau cuma sesaat sahaja……

May all of us always remember that life in this world is momentarily...and all given is non permanent...life after is for eternity what we do here determines our after life...