Weekend Part 1

Since im unable to download Picasa at d office i cant compile the photo's at one go..thus i have to break this weeks ramblings in two entries..if not i'tll be endless.. The anticipated weekend started off with attending the solemnization of weezal's cuzzie at Beverly Heights...
Twas a simple affair..but i adored the bride's outfit to bits..done by the famous Jovian who is oso a good fren of hers...

The glowing bride...(pic credit from azra's cam)

My padawan behaved extremely well that nite..so me had a good time...he even met up with "Abg Impak Maksima"..who is oso a very2 good fren of the bride..

"u soo look familiar..."

"naah..could b somebody else..."

We had a good time..

Then after a few open hse on Saturday we attended the reception that nite... and again I fell in love with the bride's gown..designed by....u know who...he's designs r magic..c for urself..
(photo taken from my SIL fb...my photo ta cantik...)

Below r the photo's of once upon a time bride n groom at this nice reception..(wearing their reception attire oso..hehe)