MME- Part One

The weekend has ended…n so has MME 07!!! I wish to celebrate…no more late nite’s for the other more meeting here n there no more abandoning me… but surprisingly I can’t wait for the next MME which of course will be held next year!! Y all the sudden adrenalin rush??? Well here’s y… .

The MME 07 started for us the gurls on Friday morning wen we went in my SIL car to the circuit to catch our team qualifying session…after much unwanted car problems… we manage to qualify…thank god!!!…most of our time..especially mine was spent in the RM6k cabin…thank you mr cabin sponsor!!!!…can’t thank u enuff..if not we’d merempat ntah mana2!!! My dearly beloved did’nt allow me to go to the pit or infact anywhere else except the loo…huhuh….next door to our cabin was Mr Rizal Ashram Ramli aka Mr. Nora Danish who drove for FUGAZI team…but being one of the rich teams they had their own caravan…solely for their three drivers.. since Air Asia was one of our main sponsors…we we’re invited by Dato’ Mokhzani Mahathir during the press conference held by Air Asia, to share their pit….but we declined..well actually my beloved n the the drivers politely declined..firstly bcoz we had already paid for our cabin n secondly in a way it would have affected our team image politically which I prefer not to further elaborate here….

We were practically at the circuit till quite late coz the car needed to be fixed n there we had to organize for the big day we left for our hotel at around 10 ish…leaving the mechanics n my BIL/driver to attend to the car…

Some photo's of the event for u guys to enjoy....will update more..later..