FAbuLOUSA Francesco Totti !

The Azzurri marched foward to the quarterfinals of the world cup..yeaH!!!!!!!!!! thanks to my all time fav Totti....he was the life saver...but yes i really2 pity the Aussies..with only 12 seconds to go...they were forced out of the WC in such a way..hats off to them..a well played game..but i guess thats life.. u win some u loose some..but it was dam hard to loose it that way..as they say S**t happens w/o u knowing why....if they won..id vote for them all the way..a very good underdog.... bye kewell...the aussies were astonished..speechless..who wouldn't only 12 seconds till xtra time...wif Italy down to 10 men..yet...defeat was thiers..

on a personal note, i didn't thk that the italians played a great game..a lot of fumbling here n there..n so did the england tema in all of thier WC 206 matches..i guess lady luck is still hovering over them..n with most of the italians facing a scandalous charge...for match fixing..wondered how they manage to concentrate...but my heart is with them GO ITALY,ENGLAND....oo n GERMAN..