The power of the BALL...

It's the end of the week...YOHOO!!...a week that i can rest w/o having to go anywhere..except shopping perhaps...(dear..u were ok to this hope u don't go back on ur words) so hopefully if all goes well..will b doing my fav past time tommorow with my fiance'...heard all of the melium group is on must grab ths oppertunity!!!..

Tthe WOrldCup will kick Off gurls..if u can't beat ur men to the remote..mite as well pour ur heart n concentration on the's only once in 4 years..if u minus out the EURO CUP...if ur completely blind to the game..then u can oogle at the players.. fair line up of hunks r playing..(oopss sorry dear..ur still my number one ..kwik..kwik) ..ballack(who i don't fancy..) nesta..totti..boy wonder stevie G..inzaghi..henry..KEWELL (my pick..cute..) and everybody's bloke...MR.D name some..

so wat's ur pick on the Finals?..mine..GERMANY VS flag n cheers will go to my 3 all time favourite team..The Azzurri, England & Germany..but i do hope England can advance atleast to the Semi's.. they seem to be performing..somehow they always know how to trot out early in BIG EVENTS..hope ths time it won't happen..

So to all the FOOTBALL FANS & MANIAC on this globe...LET THE GAMES BEGIN..btw..Don't u feel how ironic this event is..everywhere in the world..all eyes (men especially) will be glued to numerous games of Soccer..watching highlight..comments..repeats..sigh..sigh..n yes gurls..u'll be 3rd in line to ur man's attention..after the FIFA WC 2006, his all time fav a.k.a his always..duh!!