Family Day

it's been quite a while since i updated my blog...too lazy to update i guess..for the past week or life has been evolving around a boring routine of work n home...n attending to my dear fiance'(ok dear i'll refer to u as ur suppose to be known)..god sometimes i wish i could just switch my career path totally...wouldn't it be nice to b a boutique manager of a designer label..aigner or Hermes perhaps...oo i wouldn’t mind tiffany& co also..if only !!!

everyone in my office seems exited about our coming family day which will be in on the other hand mite not be going as i dun thk i need anymore activities that involves pouring out my pocket which apparently has holes...BIG BIG HOLES…so no more holes need to b added.. atleast not at this particular moment...f/more my Big Day is nearing n i've yet to salvage the amount i need…so i think i'll hav to pass althou family days r fun..(based on previous experience...) nmind..can go next year n bring along my then confimed other half..insyallah